Free Exhibit Space Available at FTCs Tech-ade

Hearings Will Explore Emerging Technologies in the Next Decade

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Limited free exhibit space is still available for companies that want to display examples of their cutting-edge technology at the FTC’s three-day public hearings to examine how evolving technology will shape and change the habits, opportunities, and challenges of consumers and businesses in the coming decade. Companies ranging from Microsoft to Moobella, from TiVo to Entertrainer have signed up to exhibit their products in conjunction with the workshop, to be held November 6-8 at The George Washington University Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052. The workshop will bring together experts from business, government and technology sectors, consumer advocates, academicians, and law enforcers to examine technologies that have emerged and to explore technologies that are currently evolving. The workshop is free and open to the public. Exhibiting does not convey an endorsement by the FTC of any product or service.

For further information about exhibiting, contact Alicia Mazzara at 202-326-2837.

  • The Tech-ade agenda includes
  • New Products – What Will be Different in the Next Ten Years?
  • How Will Marketing and Advertising Morph in the Coming Tech-ade?
  • Security and Privacy Challenges in the Coming Tech-ade.
  • Changing Technologies and Applications on the Internet.
  • How Businesses are Leveraging the Internet of Today, and Plans for Tomorrow.
  • Follow the Money – A View from the Venture Capital World.
  • How Will We communicate in the Next Tech-ade?
  • Social Networking – Trends and Implications for the Future.
  • User-generated Content – What Does it Mean for Consumers and Marketers?
  • Benefits to Consumers of Living in an Instant Information Culture.
  • Marketing and Advertising in the Next Tech-ade.
  • Computing Power and How it Will be Used in the Marketplace of the Next Tech-ade.
  • RFID Technology in the Next Tech-ade.
  • Changes in Payment Devices and Systems.
  • Solutions for Protecting Identity: Third-Party Billing, Fraud Scoring, and other Possible Solutions.
  • Communicating with Consumers in the Next Tech-ade – The Impact of Demographics and S
  • hifting Consumer Attitudes.
  • Privacy – What Does it Mean in the Future?

For a detailed agenda and a list of participants, go to:

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