FTC Staff and Intel Reach Proposed Settlement of Litigation

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Federal Trade Commission lawyers and the Intel Corporation today jointly filed a motion with the Commission's Secretary withdrawing from adjudication the FTC's case against Intel. The parties submitted the motion to allow the Commission time to consider a proposed settlement agreed to this weekend by FTC Complaint Counsel and Intel. Commission charges against Intel were announced on June 8, 1998.

The following is a statement by William J. Baer, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Competition:

"If approved by the Commission, the proposed settlement being recommended by Complaint Counsel and Intel would resolve the allegations contained in the Commission's complaint issued on June 8. There are remaining issues under investigation by the Commission. The Commission's staff is committed to working expeditiously to resolve those concerns."

Under Commission rules a proposed consent agreement accompanied by a motion to withdraw a matter from adjudication stays all proceedings before the Administrative Law Judge so that the Commission can consider the proposed settlement. Complaint Counsel expects to submit the recommended settlement, along with explanatory materials, to the Commission within a matter of days. During Commission review of the proposed settlement, both Commission staff and representatives of Intel are free to meet with Commissioners to discuss the proposed settlement.

According to the rules, the Commission can accept the proposed settlement, reject it and return the matter to litigation, or take such other action as it may deem appropriate. The rules also state that the proposed consent agreement itself shall not be placed on the public record unless and until it is accepted by the Commission.

(FTC Docket No. 9288)

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