Announced Actions for February 16, 1996

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Consent order given final approval: Following a public comment period, the Commission has determined to issue a consent order against the following company as final, thus making the consent order’s provisions binding on the respondent.
  • Duram Rubber Products has agreed to notify prior purchasers that its Duram Emergency Escape Mask does not filter out carbon monoxide, a lethal gas associated with fires, and also to disclose that fact on package labels and in certain advertisements. The FTC had charged that Frank A. Latronica, Jr. and Duram Rubber Products falsely represented, among other things, that the mask will protect wearers from lethal gases associated with fires for up to 20 minutes. The order requires Duram Rubber Products and Latronica to notify by mail all consumers who purchased the mask from Life Safety Products, or from catalog retailers who purchased the masks for resale from Life Safety Products, that the mask does not filter out carbon monoxide. The settlement also requires the respondents to clearly and prominently disclose on all package labels and inserts for the mask, or any substantially similar product that will not provide significant protection from carbon monoxide, that the product does not filter out carbon monoxide.

(Docket No. C-3640; Staff Contact: Alan E. Krause, Chicago Regional Office, 312-353-4441; Commission vote: 5-0 -- 02/12/96)

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