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Event Description

The Commission is hosting a public forum regarding its Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on commercial surveillance and data security practices that harm consumers and competition. The public forum will include panel discussions and the public is invited to provide remarks. 

This is a virtual event.

During the last portion of the public forum, members of the public are invited to share feedback on the FTC’s Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Members of the public must sign up on a first come, first serve basis for an opportunity to speak at the September 8 event, and the total number of speakers will be limited to ensure the event concludes on time.

Each commenter will be given two minutes to share their comments. Speaker registration will be available through Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 8 pm ET.

This event will be recorded and submitted to the ANPR record. The Commission retains discretion to make public remarks available following the event on

  • Agenda

    2:00 pm

    Opening Remarks from Chair

    Lina M. Khan
    Chair, Federal Trade Commission

    2:10 pm

    Staff Presentation

    Josephine Liu
    Assistant General Counsel for Legal Counsel, Federal Trade Commission

    2:20 pm

    Remarks from Commissioner Slaughter

    Rebecca Kelly Slaughter
    Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

    2:30 pm

    Panel 1: Industry Perspectives on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security

    Olivier Sylvain
    Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC

    Jason Kint

    Chief Executive Officer, Digital Content Next

    Marshall Erwin
    Chief Security Officer, Mozilla

    Paul Martino
    Vice President and Senior Policy Counsel, National Retail Federation

    Rebecca Finlay
    Chief Executive Officer, Partnership on AI

    *Meta is no longer able to participate

    Panel 2: Consumer Advocate Perspectives on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security

    Rashida Richardson
    Office of the Chair, FTC

    Caitriona Fitzgerald

    Deputy Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

    Harlan Yu
    Executive Director, Upturn

    Ambassador Karen Kornbluh (ret.)
    Director, Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative, German Marshall Fund of the U.S.

    Spencer Overton
    President, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

    Stacey Gray
    Senior Director for U.S. Policy, Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)

    4:45 pm

    Remarks from Commissioner Bedoya

    Alvaro Bedoya
    Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

    5:00 pm

    Public Remarks

  • Request for Comments

    The Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking asks a series of questions about practices related to commercial surveillance and data security. The topic areas and the questions are listed below. Anyone from the public can submit a comment weighing in on the rulemaking, the general topics, or a specific question.