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Jul 28

Public Workshop on Franchise Rulemaking

These conferences were intended to serve several purposes: (1) To allow Commission staff and interested parties the opportunity to discuss openly issues raised in the ANPR and in the comments to the ANPR; (2) to offer the general public an opportunity to make statements on the record...
Jun 19

Pay-Per-Call Rule Review Public Workshop

The FTC announced a proposal to revise its Pay-Per-Call Rule (formerly referred to as the 900-Number Rule, 16 CFR Part 308) on October 30, 1998 to revise its Pay-Per-Call Rule. The proposal included, among other things, new provisions that would combat telephone bill cramming --...
Jun 10

Public Workshop on Consumer Privacy

The Workshop addressed four major topics: computerized databases containing identifying information about consumers; unsolicited commercial e-mail; consumers' online privacy; and children's privacy in the online environment. The workshop gathered data for the Congressionally requested...
Oct 3

Public Forum on Vehicle Buyback Disclosures

On November 8, 1995, a number of consumer groups filed a petition asking the Commission to look into whether vehicles bought back under state lemon laws are being resold without disclosing to subsequent purchasers that the vehicles had been bought back. The state laws vary as to...
Aug 20

Consumer Identity Fraud Meeting

An FTC staff meeting was held to gather and exchange information about the problem of "consumer identity fraud" -- the theft and misuse of consumers' identifying information to establish fraudulent credit accounts. Consumers who have been the victims of this type of fraud, as well as...
Jun 4

Consumer Privacy on the Global Information Infrastructure

The workshop was part of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection's Consumer Privacy Initiative, an ongoing effort to bring consumers and businesses together to address consumer privacy issues posed by the emerging online marketplace.
Mar 26

Workshop on the Use of "Made in USA" Claims in Product Advertising and Labeling

The FTC held a public workshop on whether it should alter its legal standard for evaluating "Made in USA" claims, with representatives from consumer groups, industry, government agencies, labor unions, and other groups participating in an exchange of views. After the workshop, the FTC...
Dec 7

Environmental Marketing Guides Workshop

FTC staff conducted a Public Workshop-Conference to discuss written comments received in response to this Notice of Request for Public Comment. The purpose of the conference was to afford Commission staff and interested parties a further opportunity to openly discuss and explore...
Oct 12

Global and Innovation-Based Competition Hearings

The FTC held hearings to address whether there have been broad-based changes in the contemporary competitive environment that require any adjustments in antitrust and consumer protection enforcement in order to keep pace with those changes.
Apr 21

Conference on Preventing Fraudulent Advertising

The FTC, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Association of Attorneys General, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies sponsored a national media seminar to focus on the media's role in preventing fraudulent advertising. The conference brought together...
Apr 18

Workshop On Proposed Telemarketing Sales Rule

The FTC held a public workshop/conference to discuss issues raised in the public comments regarding the FTC's proposed Telemarketing Sales Rule. Participants included representatives from nearly two dozen consumer groups, industry organizations and businesses. The event was open to...
Apr 10

Consumer Protection and the Global Information Infrastructure

The FTC held a public workshop that explored consumer issues arising from new technologies such as the Internet.

FTC at 100: Into Our Second Century (Washington D.C.)

In six years, the Federal Trade Commission will mark the 100th anniversary of the statute that created the agency. How well is the FTC fulfilling the destiny that Congress foresaw for it in 1914? What type of institution should it aspire to be when the Commission’s second century...