Public Events for 2021

Jul 1

Cmr. Wilson panelist at “Antitrust Law & Intellectual Property” hosted by the Hudson Institute

Commissioner Christine S. Wilson panelist at Hudson Institute, “Antitrust Law & Intellectual Property” conference. The event is virtual and open to the public and media. Register and join:
Jul 1

Open Commission Meeting – July 1, 2021

Agenda items: Made in the USA Rule, Section 18 Rulemaking Procedures, “Statement of Enforcement Principles Regarding ‘Unfair Methods of Competition’ Under Section 5 of the FTC Act” (2015), and Enforcement Investigations
Jul 14

Cmr. Slaughter keynote at: “An Evening with FTC Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter.”

Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter will be the keynote speaker at: “An Evening with FTC Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter.” Register and join at:
Jul 21

Open Commission Meeting – July 21, 2021

Agenda items: Care Labeling Rule, Proposed Policy Statement on Repair Restrictions Imposed by Manufacturers and Sellers, and Policy Statement on Prior Approval and Prior Notice Provisions in Merger Cases.
Jul 23

Closed Commission Meeting

Commission Meeting Closed to the Public: Consideration of a nonpublic law enforcement matter, 11:00 AM EDT via Zoom. The vote to close the meeting for the law enforcement matter was 5-0. Expected to attend the closed meeting are the Commissioners themselves and such other Commission...
Jul 27

PrivacyCon 2021

The FTC hosted its sixth annual PrivacyCon on July 27, 2021. PrivacyCon 2021 brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including researchers, academics, industry representatives, consumer advocates, and government regulators, to discuss the latest research and trends related...
Jul 27

Cmr. Slaughter welcome remarks at FTC’s PrivacyCon workshop

Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter will provide welcome remarks at the FTC’s PrivacyCon workshop.
Jul 28

Chair Khan and Cmrs Phillips, Chopra, Slaughter, and Wilson testify before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee

Chair Lina M. Khan and Commissioners Noah Joshua Phillips, Rohit Chopra, Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, and Christine S. Wilson will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce at a hearing entitled, “Transforming the FTC: Legislation to...