September 2021

Making the Second Request Process Both More Streamlined and More Rigorous During this Unprecedented Merger Wave

Given the recent surge in merger filings and the Commission’s obligation to protect Americans from illegal transactions, the Bureau of Competition is instituting new process reforms to best to use its limited resources. These reforms build on other enhancements the Bureau announced in an August blog post.

Working Better Together Volume One: Advancing Both Consumer Protection and Antitrust Enforcement to Protect all Americans from Corporate Bad Actors

The FTC was created to act as a guardian of fair markets, armed with broad authority to ensure our economy is one in which consumers, workers, and honest businesses can thrive.

Chair Khan is committed to realizing that vision of an agency that takes on problems holistically, rather than from a consumer protection or competition lens alone. This means ensuring that the Commission’s two enforcement bureaus – the Bureau of Competition and the Bureau of Consumer Protection – are working hand-in-hand to root out marketplace abuses.

Protecting Americans at the gas pump through aggressive antitrust enforcement

The FTC is committed to policing gasoline and diesel markets to protect the American public against illegal acts. Given high prices at the pump these days, the Bureau of Competition is redoubling its commitment to police unfair methods of competition in wholesale and retail gasoline and diesel sales.