September 2014

Reference pricing is not a substitute for competition in health care

In recent years, the U.S. health care sector has seen numerous innovations in the way care is organized and reimbursed (e.g., accountable care organizations, bundled payments, etc.), all with the goal of reducing expenditures and improving quality. One innovation that has received a great deal of attention recently is reference pricing.

How to avoid common HSR filing mistakes with attachments

The PNO handles Hart-Scott-Rodino Premerger Notification Filings for well over a thousand transactions each year. When you submit an HSR Form with all the required information, the PNO can quickly review the filing, and if necessary, forward it to the investigative staff who will focus on determining whether the acquisition presents competitive issues that warrant further review.

Keeper league, antitrust-style

As the calendar makes clear, summer is nearly over. For some, the transition to fall provokes thoughts of falling leaves, sharpened pencils, and warm beverages. For others, the end of summer means mulling over player rankings, sleepers, and early round strategies. While others have to work to create the perfect fantasy football roster, the Bureau already has an amazing team—as evidenced by some recent internal promotions.