May 2014

Sometimes brick & mortar competition is enough

When the Federal Trade Commission looks at competition in the retail sector today, it typically considers the significance of online sales. Sometimes the competition from online retailers drives the analysis. In closing the Office Depot-Office Max matter, the Commission pointed to “the explosive growth of online commerce, which has had a major impact” on the sale of office supplies.

Merger review by the numbers

Today the FTC and DOJ released the 36th Annual Hart-Scott-Rodino Report, a document full of interesting data about federal merger review. The report covers transactions in which the merging parties filed HSR notification between Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013, and federal merger enforcement actions during the same time period. Here are some notable numbers from the report:

May management moves in BC

Once again, I have the privilege of announcing that some incredibly talented lawyers in the Bureau have been promoted to management positions. 

The Anticompetitive Practices Division, which handles the Bureau’s enforcement efforts against anticompetitive conduct in industries other than health care, has two new Deputy Assistant Directors: