July 2018

FTC goes used car shopping, “test drives” 2300 vehicles

So we went used car shopping recently – the FTC and 12 other law enforcement agencies. We visited 94 dealerships in 20 cities across the country. Yes, we saw some low-mileage cream puffs, but that’s not what we were in the market for. We wanted to see if dealerships were displaying the revised Buyers Guide required as of January 28, 2018. The results proved interesting.

Time for a ROSCA recap: FTC says “risk free trial” was risky – and not free

Like the three sides of a triangle, ROSCA – the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act – has three basic compliance requirements for online sellers who enroll consumers in continuity plans, often known as negative options. The law bans online negative options unless the seller: 1) clearly discloses all material terms of the deal before obtaining a consumer’s billing information; 2) gets the consumer’s express informed consent before making the charge; and 3) provides a simple mechanism for stopping recurring charges.

Military Consumer Month: Armed with knowledge

About 1.3 million Americans are active duty servicemembers. Another 800,000 are in the Reserves and nearly 20 million are military veterans. That means most companies are very likely to employ or do business with the military community. During Military Consumer Month, you can help the FTC and our partners empower military personnel and their families to avoid crooks. This year’s focus is on fighting imposter scams. That’s when con artists disguise their true identity and pretend to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information. The scam can take many forms.