It’s illegal to ban honest reviews

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Congress unanimously passed the Consumer Review Fairness Act to protect people’s ability to share in any forum their honest opinions about a business’ products, services, or conduct. Some companies had been using contract provisions – including their online terms and conditions – to threaten to sue consumers or penalize them financially for posting negative reviews or complaints. The new law makes that illegal.

FTC staff just issued Consumer Review Fairness Act: What Businesses Need to Know with to-the-point guidance on what the law means for your company.



I posted a comment a while back regarding how the CRFA is effected if I was paid $1000 when in fact the damages caused me were $6000. I was paid and required to sign a paper stating I would never post negative reviews again.

SO far I have no answer and this is a time sensitive issue for me.

I'm a business owner with a Yelp account. 2 months ago I had 33 five star Yelp reviews and now I only have 17. The ones that are hidden from my business page or five star reviews and I had for one year or longer.. these yelpers have comments on other businesses so why did they drop out of mine? Is it because I'm not paying for advertising?

I am completely shocked & appalled that I can no longer write a legitimate bad review on a business in this era of political correctness. I shouldn't be forced to log onto a Google, Yelp, Facebook or any other account to share my bad experiences with other consumers. What new stone age are we living in where we so blindly protect everyone to the point it actually hurts consumers from knowing how bad someone was treated by a business???
I agree we also need to protect businesses as well from erroneous claims but to what extent? Suppressing free speech? Back to thew dark ages I guess.................................................

A seller from Amazon have demanded that i delete the negative feedback on my reviews, I have received the delivery beginning of December. I`ve requested the seller to arrange pick up fo the item and refund my payment since the item was not exaclty the same color on the website it was not really white at all.
The seller offered me if i considered discount, but I`ve provided them a picture it will not match my furnitures at home since it is not really based in the image on the website.
its a heavy buffet cabinet which i cannot carry myself to UPS or US post office for return.
The seller wrote me to delete the negative feedback and they will help me out. i wrote the seller back. Lets make a deal you arrange pick up and reimburse my payment i will delete my feedback which i only wrote the truth.

I called up Amazon to complain and report the seller, Amazona first declined my claim. i had called up the customer service now for 6th or 7th times still nothing happens. The seller sent me second email to delete my feedback. Its a kind of manipulating the feedback. Isn`t it? I wonder if Amazon is really protecting their customer`s even it`s third party seller.

I have been seeing companies only keep positive comments and deleting everything negitive. their product didnt work and gave me a really bad rash and when I tried posting it they deleted it. so I went through every comment and realized all of them were happy and promoting. is that legal.... to dismiss and delete a bad review? when it's a true and honest review

eBay deletes negative feedbacks for "power sellers" as a service to them. It is terrible. I left a series of negative reviews after I had some items expertized and returned as FAKES. I left negative feedback on the items sold as genuine but was certified as FAKES. eBay did nothing to support the customer, saying it was past 60 days so they could do nothing. I left negative feedback on the seller and eBay deleted them within 48 hours. I learned after the fact this is eBay's standard operating procedures for "Power Seller" on their platform. I did make an eBay BBB compliant (only to find 5000+ of them!) and a complaint in the state of the seller. PayPal saved the day for me as they have a 180 day fraud protection. I'm still mad at eBay for a 20 plus year customer to get the only negative feedback ever left delete is just wrong on all levels.

I'm kind of curious about this one place I went to, they have a company that they "collect" reviews through and when I had an issue with them I noticed that the company they are using as a "reputation management" organization will only publicly post five star reviews, anything less than that just disappears.

Is a company that does something like this breaking the law?.

I bought a product that was installed on my home improperly, the company is refunding my whole purchase price, but we are left with damages to our home from the product that exceed the purchase price by thousands of dollars. The company refuses to be blamed for these damages therefore won't pay anything for them. They are forcing us to sign a legal document in order to get our refund of the purchase price, this agreement includes a clause that states that we agree to remove all mine and my husbands postings in the public forum about their company. Is this legal for them to force us to do this in a written contract?

The Consumer Review Fairness Act protects consumers’ ability to share their honest opinions about a business’s products, services, or conduct in any forum – and that includes social media. Read more about the Consumer Review Fairness Act.

The Act makes it illegal for a company to use a contract provision that:

  1. bars or restricts the ability of a person who is a party to that contract to review a company’s products, services, or conduct;
  2. imposes a penalty or fee against someone who gives a review; or
  3. requires people to give up their intellectual property rights in the content of their reviews.

FashionNova does this, how can I as a consumer get them to stop?

Is it illegal for companies to remove reviews if not 4 or 5 star? If you look up L’ange Hair Products, that is what they do. I feel like I was duped after reading all the good feedback. I spent about $200 on products to only find some were really bad. I left a review that it made my hair feel greasy and they never posted. Left another as the packing was broken and couldn’t use product and never posted. This is so misleading!!! What can be done about it?

In general, review platforms have discretion about whether to post the content people supply.

A company that I left a poor review for offered me money to remove a review and once I removed the review they refused contact. I have documentation. Other than posting another review, is there anything else that can be done?


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