FTC says filtration system’s Made in USA claims didn’t hold water

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For consumers in the market for a water filtration system, the choices can leave them feeling drenched. So when deciding among competing products, a claim that a particular system is “Proudly Built in the USA” may turn a browser into a buyer. But an FTC lawsuit against iSpring Water Systems alleges that the company’s “Built in USA” claims were all wet.

Georgia-based iSpring sold its filtration systems on its own website and through online retailers like Amazon, Overstock, Sears, Home Depot, and Walmart. According to the complaint, by touting that its water filtration systems and parts were “Built in USA” and “Proudly Built in the USA,” the Georgia-based company represented to prospective purchasers that they were all or virtually all USA-made. In fact, says the FTC, many of iSpring’s products were either wholly imported or made with a significant number of parts from overseas.

To settle the case, iSpring has agreed that it won’t make unqualified Made in USA claims unless it can show: 1) that the product’s final assembly or processing – and all significant processing – takes place in the United States, and 2) that all or virtually all ingredients or components are made and sourced in the US. In addition, iSpring will need proof to support any future country-of-origin claims. 

The proposed order allows iSpring to make qualified Made in USA claims – claims that are limited in scope or applicability – as long as the company includes a clear and conspicuous disclosure about the extent to which the product contains foreign parts, ingredients, or processing. The FTC is accepting public comments about the proposed order until March 3, 2017.

If your company makes similar representations online, in advertising, or on product labels, it may be time to reread the FTC’s Enforcement Policy Statement on U.S Origin Claims. In addition, refer to our Made in USA page for cases, instructive closing letters, and Complying with the Made in USA Standard, a brochure that answers many of the questions companies ask.



Spring was miss representing their products by the claim "Made in the USA." Spring should be responsible for any faulty product. Spring should notify past customers of the findings. Spring should extend their warranty to extra two years 100% replacement or money back guarantee.

This has been the norms in our time. It's let cheat, steal, violate the law, make up things that are not true and make it believable and if we get caught cheating then we just pay the small fine (most likely we won't get caught). And who will believe anyone if we tell them that we didn't know.

Well here is your "Fake News" at its best ... this is what happens when we lose hope and have to faith in the Greater Creator. So, what will you do.

Is there anyway of getting a refund or something?

They are really a total scam; completely imported stuff pretending to be "made in USA". FTC should really penalize people like this.
Should force them to notify all their customers to correct this scam. Scams like this are the ones which makes real US factories and brands suffer. Imaging what they have to compete against, cheap fake US made products.

I can still see they have this huge U.S. map with their office on it, stating "Located in Atlanta GA". Who cares where their office is located now a days? They can be located in the White House and still selling Chinese imports. This is obvious a tactic to CONTINUE mislead or hint consumers that they are U.S. made products. For people whom do not read the fine imprints, they see this big old U.S. map, they think it is Made in USA- bingo! FTC should order Ispring to remove anything with a U.S. flag/ map in their marketing, period.

Yeah, I see they are still using US flag on Amazon to trying to fool people into thinking they are US products, even though they did not explicitly claim Made in USA. Well this to me shows no regret what so ever. Should penalize them hard, get some monetary rewards to their customers. Stop using that American flag to cheat us!

Liars, Liars, Liars! Please do not give your hard earned dollars to someone who is willing to to lie to your face. These people knew their product was substantially made somewhere else - but were willing to try to skate around the law and see what they could get away with. Their CEO should now resign.

Great article! I appreciate the efforts used to compile the list. Keep sharing!

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