Road Cleared for VW to Compensate Consumers

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A judge has today approved a landmark $10 billion settlement that will enable 500,000 consumers across the country to sell back their tainted diesel-powered cars to Volkswagen.

The $10 billion order secured by the FTC will make consumers whole by remedying the losses they suffered due to VW’s deceptive “Clean Diesel” ad campaign.

For most hard-working Americans, a car represents the most significant purchase after their family home.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers were harmed by VW because it deceptively advertised its diesel cars with claims that they were environmentally friendly and unfairly sold cars fitted with illegal emission test defeat devices.

U.S. consumers who bought model year 2009-2015 2.0 liter VW and Audi “Clean Diesel” cars are entitled to compensation, and will now be able to sell their vehicles back to the company based on their retail value before VW’s deception became public.

While the FTC took the lead on compensation for the car buyback program, the Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency negotiated a $4.7 billion judgment against VW that will mitigate vehicle pollution and be invested in green vehicle technology to remediate the harm to the environment caused by these vehicles.

Today’s federal court approval of the FTC’s order rightfully puts consumers back in the driver’s seat, and they should be aware of the important following points as they take steps to obtain redress.

Eligible consumers can choose to have VW buy back their TDI “Clean Diesel” vehicles at generous prices that account for all their losses, or have their vehicles modified if the EPA approves a modification.

To make their choice, consumers should visit VW’s Claims website at Consumers have until September 1, 2018 to register a claim and receive compensation.

Those who want a buyback can return their vehicles to the VW or Audi dealer of their choice, and the company must buy back a vehicle no more than 90 days after a consumer’s application is completed and approved.

After returning their vehicles, many consumers will receive compensation payments on the spot, and no consumer should have to wait more than three business days for a redress payment.

It is also important to note that consumers are not obligated to purchase another VW or Audi with their refund checks, and dealers cannot negotiate the amount of money a consumer receives.

In the majority of cases, compensation will range from $12,500 to $44,000 depending on the model and certain adjustments, including mileage and trim packages. Consumers can verify the redress amounts for their specific models on VW’s Claims website.

The FTC and a court-appointed monitor will be watching closely as consumers return their vehicles to ensure that VW adheres to the settlement.

Smart companies do not deceive American consumers, as they know it does not pay.


Glad its started. Just hope the process moves along. Those of us still on loan have to make payments on a car we will be giving back in a month. Theres 10 day wait for approvel, than a "thrid party" approvel, than they send you letter to sign, than another 10 days for them to approve your signature. Than however long it takes to get an appointment. Wish i could just go to an office sign the paper work and turn car in. the waiting and mail is going to take forever ill be throwing away money. Like paying on a credit card that your gona pay off in 2 weeks

I sent all required documentation by certified mail to Claims Documentation in Auburn Hills MI on September 30, 2016. I also filed my buyback claim online and was assigned a reference number. When I checked today online, it shows that they received only a copy of the back of the title certificate. I have tried daily to contact VW at 1-844-982-5246 with no success. The last time I spoke to a person with VW was on September 29, 2016. Desiree walked me through the steps to file my claim and indicate that I wanted to participate in the buyback.

I sent all the required documents by certified mail, yet they only show receiving a copy of the back of the title certificate. All the documents were included in the same envelope sent by certified mail #70131090000100506542. VW stated that all claims are processed in two business days. Why have I waited with no response after more than 20 days?

VW is not following the guidelines laid out in the FTC consent order. Your article claims that the FTC and a third party monitor will be overseeing this process. Why are they not doing their job? The 10 days has come and passed on number 3 below. I should have received my offer by now according to your own FTC court document. I was under the impression the FTC was on the side of the consumer and not VW.

Defendant shall administer the claims administration process efficiently, expeditiously, and transparently, including by:
1. Accepting claim applications and documentation submitted by mail, fax, and via the claims website;

2. Processing all claims applications and, within 10 business days, or more quickly if reasonable, either (a) notifying consumers that their claim application is complete because it contains all information necessary to determine eligibility, or (b) notifying consumers of any claim application that is deemed deficient, the reasons for the deficiency, and providing clear instructions on how to cure it. If Defendant notifies a consumer that their claim application is deficient, Defendant shall have 10 business days from resubmission of the claims application to notify such consumer whether his or her application is complete;

3. Notifying consumers whether they are eligible for their elected remedy within 10 business days, or more quickly if reasonable, of receiving a completed application;

4. Immediately upon either notification that a consumer is eligible under Subsection C.3 above or the Effective Date, whichever is later, allowing that Eligible Consumer to schedule a Buyback, Lease Termination, or Approved Emissions Modification at any Volkswagen Dealer (or other entity authorized by Defendant) of the Eligible Consumer’s choosing. Defendant shall provide Eligible Consumers the ability to choose from at least three appointment dates, at different times of the day, on different days of the week, each of which is within 90 days of notification under Subsection C.3 or the Effective Date, whichever is later. Defendant shall provide consumers with the ability to reschedule their appointment within 90 days of the rescheduling date using the same process;

5. Providing consumers with at least one reminder prior to their scheduled appointment;

VW is not following guidelines for submitting final offers within 10 business days of documentation approval. My documentation was approved on 10/30/16. I called today 11/11/16 and a representative advised me that they were still reviewing my eligibility and when I inquired about the required 10 day processing she stated it could take up to a couple more weeks as they did not anticipate the volume of applications. I again reiterated the terms of the settlement agreement being 10 business days from approving all required documents to present approval and offer and she again stated these things happen and they will let me know as soon as they can. I am currently under a loan and still making my payments on time and have no other choice but to use vehicle for work so the more time it takes, the mileage increases and the buyback compensation for mileage goes down. It really isn't fair that VW is allowed to break court mandated guidelines.

According to the "Volkswagen and Audi 2.0-liter TDI Diesel Emissions Settlement" book,
Section 1 page 8 paragraph 6. "
"When will I receive my payment?"

Following is the time table for the claims process and Volkswagen's payment obligation.

Within 10 business days of your submission of a Claim, Volkswagen will notify you whether your Claims complete. If it is deficient in any way, Volkswagen will describe the deficiency and provide instructions on how to cure it.

Within 10 business days of notification that an application is complete, Volkswagen will notify you whether you are eligible for the elected remedy and send you an offer.

Upon accepting an offer, (ect)

I personally received notification that my submitted claim paper work was approved by VW on 10/31/16 and that the third Party arbitrator Approved same paperwork on 11/10/16. As of 11/14/16 VW is now stating that it will take up to 4 additional weeks for Settlement Offer to be sent.

Is there any program for those of us who have a non diesel VW and value took nosedive because people don't trust the company. I can't give my VW EOS away.

I am in the same boat as the other people writing to this blog. VW is not held to or adhering to the terms of this settlement. I placed the required documents on their website 1-NOV-2016 and as of this post the documents are awaiting their review. PLEASE!

I too have called twice to understand what the delay is. I was also told that they were not anticipating this high of a volume. I find this very hard to believe from all the articles I have read throughout the past year and the ability to sign up online and submit way before the final court approval. It has been 40 business days for myself and it still says "documents received and under review". I so hope VW gets things moving along and are held accountable.

VW is in default on stipulations of lawsuit. Something must be done! This is not ok.

I was notified on 11/3/16 that my claim was complete. My account on the claims portal said they were confirming my eligibility and would send an offer within 10 business days. When that time period passed I called. I was told that they had twenty business days to make an offer from 11/3. When I said that even according to their own website, they really had ten days, the response was oh I'm sorry but that was just poorly worded. No help and no real recourse. VW's solution for help was to go back into my claim and take the reference to the ten days out. What like they didn't think I'd didn't have a screen shot of the earlier screen. I tried to file a complaint through the FTC website but it is not set up to take this kind of complaint and the process was so convoluted, I gave up. Still no offer from VW and no way or help to make it better. It's disgusting.

Paperwork was sent through online portal and all documents marked received on 11/2. Today is 11/28 and my Eligibility is still being checked!!! I have called 3 times to ask of a read date since they do not follow the 10 day rule. I was told all 3 times "I just need to wait" and that "it is possible but unlikely that I will be rid of this car by the new year". I am tired of paying for this car, paying insurance, paying interest on a loan, paying $315 every month for this car I don't want! Buy the damn thing back already!!!

VW continues to drag their feet on claims and compensation. This is a bunch of crap! I think more compensation due to owners due to the fact VW is not responding as stated in court documents (10 days). The claims phone line is ZERO help as well as the "buyback Specialist" currently working in the VW dealerships..
I went into the dealership to talk to a "buyback specialist, that was another waist of time as they they could say is; "I dont have any updated information" and referred me to the claims portal which has not changed in over a month. VW needs to own up to the misery and financial burden put upon current VW owners...
What has to happen to get this process rolling?! VW new this was coming down and their preparation for this event is substandard to say the Least!!!!
More and more frustration as this process is at a stand still...

I have filed my claims and still waiting and nobody will answer my claim. I have filed as required by the website and have been told online it will be 10 days and thats been about 30 days ago.
FTC enforce the buyback.!!!

VW is NOT abiding by the terms of the approved Agreement. They are reducing the buyback (September 2015 value) by the more miles that have you have put on your car since that date! I drive my car on average 2000 miles per month, hence the reason for the purchase. Am i suppose to stop living my life and quit my job because of their lies and deception? I jave a family to support. They are only allowing 1000 miles per month, 12000 per year and anything over that, your buyback will decrease. So park your car consumer! Also, remember that recall to get the catalytic converter fixed and then your engine light came on afterwards. BUT, VW is NOT taking the blame for that either. Your claim will be reduced for that fix too! Its all about lying and cheating the consumer and now the Government! Pay attention FTC and Judge! Make it right! We are not buying another VW product ever again!

I have my offer but the earliest I can take the car to the dealer is January 24, 2017
No earlier appointments were available at the three VW dealers within 25 miles. I am in the process of filing a complaint to the NC Attorney General's consumer complaint office. The earlier process with the VW portal was very slow. I started it November 1st and had to rescan one document on December 1st. It was only when I checked the Portal every other day that things happened faster. A major delay now as the earliest appointment with one of the 3 dealers is January 24, 2017. The other two only had appointments in February. I think it very considerate of VW to give their employees two months off over the Christmas/ColoradoNew Years Holiday.

As with everyone else on here, I am quite disappointed in VW because they responded that my file was complete in early November, and had 10 business days to mail me my offer paperwork. It's The end of December and I have not been mailed an offer. Miles are accumulating and reducing my buyback while the judge and FTC have not commented on further penalties that VW should pay consumers while they are in default of the judgement rules. There are VW agents at dealerships rolling their thumbs waiting for us, while VW could be reassigning the claims tasks to them, and the judge should require it. The notion that they didn't anticipate a high response is crap. I've gone to an attorney that was one of many assigned to the case, and now that the judgement is made and everyone else has been paid, they don't want to hear from consumers either. There is clearly more corruption in this case than what is revealed as the FTC has done nothing to punish VW for their failure and default on the judge's ruling. If there are any SC attorneys out there reading this, interested in working on this, I would love to start a new class action lawsuit to ask VW to pay me for every day they are late mailing me my offer. If I wanted to count the miles I can drive my vehicle, I would have leased it. I paid cash and want my money back a year ago! The way I see it, I'm better off renting a car than adding miles to mine. VW should reimburse me for a car rental over the time they are late, or add to my settlement for the value of a car rental equivalent to my car over that term. I am following this closely and have read recent documentation that suggests it will likely be another few months before VW gets the rest of the offers out to consumers, and likely another month after that to get the appointment at the dealer. FTC, please do something about this so we don't have to all file suit again!

I am also very disappointed with VW. No feed and lies when they do. I was asked to put money down on a 2017 Jetta at my Reading, PA Dealer. I was told the buy back would start in two to three weeks. My mistake was I trusted them, and how much of this is going on? That was four months ago. When I call the dealer I get the two to three week reply. Actually I was happy with the 2015 Jetta TDI I purchases and the service by my dealer. This was the second TDI I owned. I was also told my repay value would be locked at the Sept. 2015 resell price. And continued accumulated mileage will not affect the repay price. After reading the comments on this site I am getting concerned. I am hoping someone is reading this and there is some justice for the TDI consumers.

I faxed my release form to VW 2.5 weeks ago and the website still says awaiting fax. I called and the automated system says that it may take up to 2 weeks then hangs up. I have called 5 times and I am unable to speak to a real person. They put me on hold and I listen to there stupid music for about 10 mins then it hangs up on me. I resent the release form today so I'm sure my 2 weeks will start over again and in the mean time the miles keep acumilating and my buyback keeps getting lower. well played VW all part of the plan. Play the system so that you have to pay little as possible. well no more VW for me because you have lost yet another loyal customer.

VW has accepted my documents for my 2012 Jetta. I elected the emissions fix and monetary payment but now I'm told that I must wait until the EPA approves the fix before I get any money! Seriously! Shouldn't there already be an EPA approved fix! The longer I wait the more miles are put on my car hence the less money I receive from VW! I think the justice department needs to investigate VW for fraud and failure to adhere to the court ordered directives!

VW has been in receipt of my documents as requested since early December. We have called at least a dozen times only to be put on hold so long the call drops to where I have to call again. Dear FTC, please don't let us get screwed by VW again. My car is sitting in front of my house and hasn't moved since the settlement. I've had to buy a different car. Please put pressure on them to settle our claims within two weeks. How hard could it be? I've already received notification that I was eligible. I provided the forms as requested in the manner they were requested, why is VW lagging on this?

My documents were uploaded on 1 October 2016 and accepted 1 November. It's now 4 months since I started this process and I do not have an offer. Is VW once again hitting us in the wallet by delaying the offers and appointments in hopes that we drive up the mileage so the payment is lowered? I have telephoned the 800 number without satisfaction and sent an e-mail to the VWclasscounsel and have not received a reply. VW is not abiding by the court settlement and should be held accountable.

Adding another story to this list, we had first faxed all documents, which VW said they couldn't read. We then mailed them by registered mail early November. They were received. We have called numerous times, only to get a different story about what we were missing each time. The website is frustrating and engineered to fail, one of the "submit" buttons would not work. There are traps and tricks every step of the way, and a call center that cannot help. Just called again today, and was told that they don't have ANY information from us. After we were already told our documents were received, back in January! What a frustrating, insulting and disgusting process this has been. And it's still just the beginning! I'm sharing my feelings about Volkswagen to everyone for the rest of my days.

My 2014 Passat TDI was bought back on 02/15/2017. It's 03/07/2017 and my loan has not been paid off yet.
VW sent my loan payoff to the completely wrong address and now I have to wait " a few weeks" per the claims agents for them to issue and sent a new check. There are zero options for owners to get any assistance with claims process issues other than calling the 800 number who cannot offer any solutions.
Very frustrating!

Did the fix to my car, all paper work in. Still no check from VW, it so said they are in violation of a court order

1] Had fix done to my car.....
2] Still no check from VW
3] Contacts VW settlement help desk, they were no help
4] They said 3-5 business days and it would be coming via FEDEX
5] Contacted FEDEX nothing coming to the address on file
6] Nothing coming for person of said address
7] Stall tactics
8] VW is violating court order
9] FTC 3rd party monitor do something does not appear to be doing anything about this issue
10] Time to notify News Media and go public

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