Ain’t no sunshine when they call

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On TV, they’re called crossover episodes – where fictional characters from different shows appear on the same program. A case just filed by the FTC against KFJ Marketing and related parties brings together two aspects of FTC law enforcement – illegal robocalls and questionable lead generation practices – “co-starring” in the same production.

It started with prerecorded calls to consumers telling them that “This is an urgent call about your energy bill” and “Stop the 14% increase coming soon.” Consumers were told to “push 1” to lower their electric bill. If they responded, they were connected to a telemarketer, who asked about their interest in solar panels. If the consumer said yes, the telemarketer scheduled an appointment with a private solar installation company and sold the consumer’s information to that company as a customer lead.

How does the FTC allege the defendants’ course of conduct violates the Telemarketing Sales Rule? Let us count the ways.

First, the complaint charges that the defendants placed calls – 1.3 million of them – to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. 

Second, the FTC says the defendants violated the entity-specific provisions of Do Not Call. In other words, they continued to call consumers who had said “Enough already!” and had already told them they didn’t want to get further calls from (or on behalf of) that company.

Third, the defendants are charged with spoofing their caller ID information – transmitting phony information so consumers couldn’t tell the true source of the call.

Fourth, the FTC alleges the defendants made (or caused others to make) illegal robocalls. As the TSR establishes, it’s illegal to place prerecorded sales call to people unless you have their express agreement in writing authorizing you to robocall them.

The complaint names KFJ Marketing, Sunlight Solar Leads, LLC, Go Green Education, and Francisco Salvat. The case is pending in federal court in California.

Wondering to do when you get annoying (and illegal) robocalls? Here’s a new FTC video with some tips.


Caller hangs up before I can answer

Block the number, but whatever you do don't ever call them back. I've had dozens of calls claiming I called them when I did not call anyone at all. If they call you and hang up, just ignore it. The number on the caller ID on 99% these scammers is faked.

Sadly the do not call list does not apply to businesses. I get more robocalls than i do business calls.
Many want to,update my google listing.

Others want to see me stuff, others tell me they are microsoft and my computer is infected. One even claimed to be from IRS.
Yet i cannot legally stop them as i have a business number. I wrote to my senator, but he was too busy giving out medals to passed away soldiers families on tv than to reply back.

If you go on you can see the nightmare business go through but telemarketers have more rights to call me than i do to stop them.

Sadly the govt does not care ...but what else is new ?

I got a call and reported it to FTC. Hopefully they comply or get sued!

If we cannot bring corrective action against the numerous, less than reputable companies who use robo dialing systems, why can we not go after the companies who make the robo software? Take away the source, if the abusers of the systems are too many and too hidden to capture.

When I get these types of calls on my CELL phone I hang up and then I add that number to my contact list under the name Robo+# (Robo1, Robo2, Robo3 etc) When they call again the name pops up and I ignore the call and go on with my life.

I have little sympathy for the robo-call abuse. Shows how gutless we Americans have become. Unfortunately I am too old and frail to lead a group that would solve this problem overnight.; For example, the most recent robo all I received was from 270-984 9747. Of course that is a "spoof" number - doesn't exist - came out of AT & T's Kentucky operation. Typical vile corrupt entity trying to extract money from Americans. IF and WHEN the senior executives of the major tele. networks are "approached" and "made an offer they cant refuse", they could stop this overnight Obviously, the profit from robo calls is why, so far, they havnt done anything. And yes, I agree...there is also the issue of the importers who import these infernal robo dialers.

The fact that we havnt read in the newspapers what happens to people like that, does not say well for the old American spirit of....shall we say..."adventure"...?

The Do Not Call regulations are toothless like everything else in the Nobama administration. Unless you make several million calls nothing is done. We need to see a few perp walks of these people so the rest of them get the message. and don't forget-calls having anything to do with the upcoming election don't count.

I love to see right wingers complain about the lack of government intervention.

Watch out for 301-534-8710 and 626-840-7818. They're robocalls pretending to be the IRS.

Have been on the DNC list for 5 yrs.. However we receive unwanted , annoying and sometimes harassing calls . They start about 7 am up until 11 pm. Absolute truth and I care for my elderly mother who gets severe panic attacks when it's very early or after 8 pm. Today Aug. 30 , 2016 at 5:10 pm I answered a call because the caller Id read SSI . The woman with a thick foreign accent wanted to ask me questions . I hung up because she didn't give her name . Obviously not from SSI so I searched the number and the call was from Allentown ,NJ. I knew I heard her voice before because last night at 10pm The id read Allentown ,NJ. This has got to stop .

The right wingers would like to see plenty of government intervention on things the majority of people actually want dealt with. Too bad no one ever discusses cutting the real dead weight of liberal pork which wastes taxpayer dollars. Many folks are opening their eyes though. You bedwetting libs have had your day, we'll see you on the way down :)

(404) 400-3921 Calls me a lot I am on the do not call list. I also get other calls from a same type of number. I have a feeling its my neighbor using backflash on his cell or something???

These people should be in jail. For the last month I have been getting call after call asking me why I called them. The problem is, I DID NOT CALL THEM. That's right. Robocallers have been making calls using my cell phone in their caller ID. So I get angry people calling to blame me. I've explained this all to 50 people in the last month. At first all the callers have the same area code and prefix as me, not other numbers are calling. I myself got one of these calls in my same prefix. It was one of those credit card scammers that claim to lower my interest rates. I pressed 9 to speak to someone and it hung up. I immediately called back and it was a poor random victim just like me whose number was being spoofed. The Government needs to catch these people and put them in jail. This crap has to stop. Anyone who uses someone else's number in their caller ID should be executed.

I agree, it's just not fair to the innocent people when the scambags use our numbers for illegal gain. EXECUTE THE SCAMBAGS!!!

One of the BEST things you can do is, listen to their sales pitch and answer all their questions. Make an appointment for them (or their telescum clients) to come to your home. When they get there you can, don't answer the door, tell them to get lost, obtain a business card and tell them you'll sue them if they ever call you back. If more people would do this it would cost them enough money that telemarketing would no longer be profitable for them. The odd thing is, there must be people out there who buy things from these telescum to make it worth their time.

I have been getting calls from the same company for the past 3 years at least twice a month. Each time I block the call and forward the number to the FBI in Iraq. My old police whistle has a bad habit of going off when they call. Seems they would learn after 3 years.

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