FTC seeks input on e-cigarette study

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The FTC is asking the Office of Management and Budget for clearance to study sales, marketing, and expenditures in a complex new industry whose products have attracted a lot of attention. The proposed subject: e-cigarettes.

Rather than burning tobacco, e-cigarettes heat a liquid mixture (usually including nicotine) to produce an inhaled aerosol. We plan to ask for information from about 15 e-cigarette marketers to help us better understand this rapidly growing sector.

Of course, the utility of any research depends on thoughtful design at the outset. That’s why the Federal Register Notice asks for public comment on the need for the study, the kind of data we should collect, and ways to enhance the quality of the information without imposing an undue burden. If you have feedback about what we’ve proposed, file it online.


please refer to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health hia.berkeley.edu and UC Global Health Institute ucghi.edu for further review and research work conducted by my fellows

Good sharing, a recent study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis reveals that many parents who use electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short) are not aware of the dangers that they present for their children. The use of e-cigs in the US has increased dramatically in the last few years, as have the number of emergency calls to poison control centres around the country. For detail visit: [commercial link removed].

while I'm not in favor of tax dollars being spend on useless studies; I do see e-cigarettes are barely any different than regular cigarettes. When we are talking about "vapor" cigarettes, they and their users are a menace. Vapor or smoke, blowing it into peoples faces is rude and crude. Thinking it's ok to do in any public place because its "vapor" may require a new mindset of the uneducated on the matter, however, the ingredients to the vapor cigarettes has become more of a guessing game. What's in that stuff anyway? The user can use anything. It's anyone's guess and as to the potency, well that's out the window as well.

They are 95 to 99% safer than smoking and can save millions from the harm of smoking. http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/10/new-research-suggests-that-anti-smoking.html

E-cigs have been around for about 10 years. See the link below in my comment for more information. We know what is in them.

As a user of e-cigs and a former smoker, yes it is rude to blow smoke or vapor in another persons space. Not all of us do that. As far as what they are made of it is quite simple they are made from a mixture of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. With a small bit of flavoring and liquid nicotine. Now that is American made e-juice, and not by big tobacco. And no you can not use just anything. There are lots of studies out there but I can tell you that after being a smoker for 32 years I no longer smoke analog cigarettes. My Doctor has told me my body is already recovering from all of those years. My Dentist loves the results. So as far as my being a menace well...I can hold my head high I know what I'm talking about do you?

This would be a good start for what is important areas to study. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/e-cigarettes-around-95-less-harmful-than-tobacco-estimates-landmark-review

Thanks administrator :)

I've read the comment policy and you've only allowed one post of mine. Can you tell me why the other posts/replies are not showing up?

Thanks for your comments, Castello. As you know, this is a moderated board. We receive a lot of comments each day and it just takes time to go through them all. We appreciate your patience. (Just as an aside, blog comments without links will usually get posted faster.)

As a public health researcher it would be very helpful to have data on the expenditures by e-cigarette companies on promotions and advertisements. I am curious if they model themselves after "traditional" tobacco companies. It would be very helpful for the public health community to have this reliable source of basic information to inform our science.

Thank you.

E-cigarettes are not risk-free, but research by Public Health England has estimated they are at least 95 percent safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. They’ve already proven an effective tool for many smokers seeking to quit, and their broader use has tremendous potential to improve public health. [Note: URL deleted]

My daughter quit a heavy smoking habit by vaping. I would much rather have her doing that than smoking cigarettes. Her health has visibly improved since she quit smoking cigarettes. She is aware of the discussions of the hazards of vaping, but for her, losing the additives in the tobacco and the actual smoke currently outweigh unproven ills.

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