The FTC’s “Who’s NOT in Debt Collection” List

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If you’re in the debt collection business, it’s up to you to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If not, you might find yourself looking for another line of work.

The law is clear: You can’t use abusive, deceptive, or unfair practices. Debt collectors who cross that line will end up in trouble with the FTC. Some are fined, and ordered to comply with the law going forward. They are monitored by the FTC to make sure they do. The behavior of other debt collectors gone bad is so egregious that the FTC asks the courts to permanently ban them from participating in the debt collection business. Check out who’s on the FTC’s list of banned debt collectors. It includes links to press releases and legal complaints about the lawsuits that resulted in the bans. Legitimate companies looking to hire a debt collector or sell a debt won’t do business with anyone on this list.

As the list highlights, the FTC has been cracking down on illegal debt collection practices. In 2014, alone, the FTC:

  • filed 10 new cases against 56 new defendants;
  • resolved nine cases and secured nearly $140 million in judgments; and
  • banned 47 companies and individuals from the debt collection business.

Since January 1, 2010, the FTC has sued over 180 companies and individuals who broke the law, banning 63 from the industry, and securing more than $220 million in judgments.

Want to make sure your company is complying with the law? Visit our Business Center to learn more.


Keep them honest by keeping an eye and ears close to their practices, unscrupulous debt collectors are prying on unsuspected good citizens and stalking them for payments in some cases already have been paid.
I wonder if collection agencies or even credit reporting bureaus keep track of people that in the past had credit, payment issues and just follow their payment pattern to intimidate them and are easier pray to collectors.
As an example, i have paid cash for co-pay services, never have incurred on "send me the bill type of thing", a year or two later we receive a letter from a collection agency on an attempt to collect a debt,. we have to proof by saving our receipts that it was paid in cash, they always press you to pay immediately to avoid further penalties and showing on your credit report, also most of collection agencies concentrate their efforts into prying on minorities thinking that are prone to pay to avoid further troubles.

thank you,

First National Bank would not let me pay off a credit card bill when I went to Pathway Financial to pay off. They have a Said they served me and I have Brown eyes in reality I have very Blue eyes and they did NOT serve me they must of served my neighbor who is my age. They tried to take my money from my bank by serving them Thank God I was covered with Direct Deposit. They have harassed me instead of letting me pay the card off through a debt service. Thank you in advance Tracey Please help make them STOP HARRASSING I just wanted to pay the card off for 5000.00 now with a judgment they expect me to pay 9000.00 because they wouldn't just let me pay the credit card off.

I had various agencies call me in the past to collect money or ask about payments due. I noticed the first intimidation method they use is, "This call is being recorded." So for the past year or two I've been quickly interrupting with, "Oh good, since you are recording the call, would you mind if I record the call as well.?" That question usually takes a lot of the hot air out of them right away and I have never had anyone refuse to let me record the call. Most of the calls are surprisingly short lived and polite. If they are all going to record to protect themselves, then I think we all should record and protect ourselves. There is nothing illegal about it as long as we ask before recording.

FTC better start really cracking down on the Phony Corrupt Debt Collector : Asset Acceptance LLC, out of Warren Michigan, they are selling off Phony Debts to Corrupt Lawyers and their firms.
Why isn't Asset Acceptance LLC on your list with literally thousands upon thousands of complaints listed !!
Asset Acceptance needs a Major Shake down !!! Raid their offices and Arrest all of them !!

I'm sure if they had a real reason to care we wouldn't see such rampant abuse. The fines compared to the amount of momey made would be the logical pin point to me. If did things that say ..made $5,000 a day with trouble only $5,000 here and there, why care?


I have another "scam company to add to the list" Portfolio Recovery!! It seems they are trying to collect a debt from my daughter, but here is the best part, Not only have they placed it on her Credit Report, call my home at least 15 times a day.. when I have spoke to whatever uneducated person and told them that my daughter passed away 3 years ago from a brain tumor, and I provided them with my attorneys number!! THEY... WAIT FOR IT.... STILL CALL!! SO PLEASE ADD THEM TO YOUR LIST. By the way they have been sued 38 times in federal court.

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