Robocalls, honeypots and DEF CON 22

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If it were a 50s scifi movie, we’d call it “Invasion of the Serenity Snatchers” – illegal and annoying robocalls that disturb consumers’ peace and quiet. The battle continues, of course, but we’re happy to announce the winners of the FTC’s “Zapping Rachel” contest held just a few weeks ago at DEF CON 22.

The contest challenged participants to design a robocall honeypot, a system for attracting robocallers. It’s a critical tool for helping law enforcers, researchers, and others enhance our understanding of robocallers’ tricky tactics.

A total of 60 teams and individuals registered for one or more of the contest’s three phases and we got 13 submissions. A panel of expert judges selected the winning entries for each of the three phases and named two honorable mentions for the final phase.

But we think there are three more winners worthy of acknowledgement.

  • Consumers. Let’s be clear: The enemy is particularly wily and this fight is far from won. But each incremental advance – whether it’s law enforcement, education, or technology – puts us one step closer to bidding buh-bye to Rachel. That’s good news for consumers eager to hang up on illegal robocalls once and for all.
  • Businesses. Companies tell us all the time they want a level playing field. A business that makes the effort to comply with the law shouldn’t have to compete against corner cutters. Since the amendment to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the legal standards applying to robocalls are clear. And it’s only right that they apply across the board.
  • Taxpayers. At the FTC, we like to think that “Innovation” is our middle name. (Actually, “Trade” is our middle name, but you get the point.) What happened at DEF CON is a tribute to the creative thinking of the members of the tech community who participated. Government-private sector collaboration is one cost-effective strategy to help address pernicious problems.

Congratulations to all the winners – and a big thanks to everyone who participated at DEF CON.


What is the reference cde to the standard Robotext call regulations and where is there a link or a tool to a benchmark test?
*The "Do Not Call Agency" is a BIG JOKE! *A telemarketer HAS TO PAY THE DO NOT CALL AGENCY A "SUBSCRIPTION FEE" in order for the telemarketer to receive a list of "DO NOT CALL" numbers. *DUHH-H-H-H-!!! *Do you really believe a telemarketer is ACTUALLY GOING TO PAY FOR A LIST OF "DO NOT CALL" NUMBERS??? *I have been registered with the DNC agency since its inception!!! *Sure never stopped any Rachel/nuisance calls to me. *I have received as many as 3-a day from 8-am to 9-pm! *Go to the DNA agency website and find out for yourself!! *Here is what I do - Re: “Rachel/nuisance calls” - Folks, those calls to “lower interest on my/your credit card debt” just are NOT going to stop! *I don’t have credit card debt! *The “Do Not Call Agency” is a BIG FARCE!! *NO telemarketer is going TO PAY to receive a “a list of Do Not Call phone numbers”. *Pressing “9”, “3” or whatever to “to remove my/your name” only indicates that you have “responded“ - and the calls continue! *SO - my philosophy is “if you can’t lick ‘em - join ‘em” AND have some fun! *I do not have Caller I.D. so I take my chances when I answer the phone - AND - the caller takes their chances! *So NOW when I receive one of these calls, I sing some “nonsense song” or “recite”, i.e., “Roses are red, Violets are blue, you’re a scam, I’m not a sucker - B-R-A-C-K (raspberry noise) to you! OR - “I takes my chances when I answer a call - BUT - I’m NOT a sucker - Ciao Baby - that’s all!” *Sometimes I speak “Pig Latin” - remember “Pig Latin”? *I have a friend who speaks Lithuanian - either one throws the “nuisance” caller off guard. *SO - have fun - give the nuisance caller a taste of their own medicine - they won’t know what to expect! *I think possibly my phone number has been “flagged” because when I answer there is only a “dial tone”. *If you can’t lick ’em - join ’em AND have yourself some FUN! ;-) Granny Gruntz

TAXPAYERS ??? Make the robo callers pay a fine for every single call they make in violation ! You could unburden every taxpayer if you looked at illegal phone calls as a source of revenue. They laugh at the law that is barely enforced.

I love the companies that ask ME to tell them to if I want to be put on THEIR do not call list ! If they were following the law. they would already know.

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