FTC Hearing 13: April 12 Session 2 Remarks by FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter followed by Panel Discussions on Merger Retrospectives And Horizontal Merger Policy, and the FTC's Merger Retrospective Program in the Next Decade

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The FTC held a hearing on merger retrospectives April 12, 2019 at FTC headquarters in Washington, DC, as part of its Hearings initiative.

This is a video recording of the afternoon session with the following:

  • Remarks by FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter
  • Panel discussion on Should the Findings from Merger Retrospectives Influence Horizontal Merger Policy, and If So, How?
  • Panel discussion on What Should the FTC's Retrospective Program Be Over the Next Decade?
  • Closing remarks by David Schmidt, FTC Bureau of Economics.

This hearing gathered information from experts to help guide the FTC’s future merger retrospective research program.