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Implementing Strong Password Policies

Passwords are critical gateways to your company’s databases and networks. But they’re also potential open doors for hackers. Includes...

Secure Devices and Paper

Companies need to secure anything that transmits sensitive information, including devices and paper. Includes tips for keeping your...

Start with Security

Does your company use personal information? Don’t collect more than you need, and only hold it as long as you have a business need...


Hijacked Computer: What to Do

Can’t turn your computer on or off? Is it acting up, running slow, opening pages you didn't click, or displaying pop-ups constantly?...

Hacked Email: What to Do

Are your friends and family getting emails from you that you didn't send? Or maybe you want to check your email, but you can't log in...
The FTC at 100: Moments

The FTC at 100: Moments

Current and former FTC staffers share special moments from their careers at the agency.


Pass It On

This video shows how easy it is to start a conversation about scams and how to protect yourself from them.

FTC’s Criminal Liaison Unit

The FTC’s Criminal Liaison Unit helps criminal law enforcement prosecute and convict career criminals.
Complying with The Funeral Rule

Complying with The Funeral Rule

The Funeral Rule gives people making funeral arrangements some important rights. And it establishes some basic requirements for...
National Consumer Protection Week

National Consumer Protection Week

NCPW.gov is the one site on the web with free consumer information from federal agencies, state governments, consumer organizations...
Welcome to FTC.gov

Welcome to FTC.gov

FTC.gov makes it easier to find competition and consumer protection information on your phone, tablet or computer.
The FTC Robocall Challenge

The FTC Robocall Challenge

This video, produced by the General Services Administration, describes the FTC Robocall Challenge and introduces one of the winners.

Helping Victims of Identity Theft

This video explains how ID theft can affect clients of legal services attorneys, social workers, and other advocates, and how to use...

Mobile Apps

Developing mobile apps? These tips help you comply with truth-in-advertising standards and privacy principles.

Computer Security

Use these computer security tips to help protect your computer and your personal information.

Online Shopping Tips

Looking for a great product at a great price? These tips can help.
Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi Networks

If you use public Wi-Fi networks, take these steps to protect your personal information.

Paying Your Car Loan

Here’s why you don’t want to pay fees to a business that promises to lower your monthly car payment or help stop a repossession.