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Share with Care

What you post online could have an impact on people in the real world.

Welcome to Admongo

Find out whats waiting for you inside the game. Explore, discover and learn about ads: whos responsible for them, what they actually...

Admongo: Ad Techniques

Learn to spot some common techniques advertisers use to persuade their audience.

Admongo In Action

See Admongo in the classroom as kids play the game and figure out whos responsible for ads, what the ads actually say, and what they...

Stand Up to Cyberbullying

You can help stop cyberbullies by standing up for yourself or someone else.

The Protection Connection

Learn to protect yourself online with privacy settings and good online practices.

Admongo: Who's Responsible?

Who is responsible for the ad? Help students recognize ads and learn to consider who's behind the ad.

Admongo: What's the Message?

What is the ad actually saying? Find out what makes up advertising messages and how they're targeted.