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Applicability of the Franchise Rule to a hotel management arrangement. Discusses the "significant assistance" coverage element.
Compliance obligation of franchisor and area sub-franchisor to prepare annual update of joint disclosure statement within 90 days of the close of different fiscal years.
Applicability of the Franchise Rule to a sub-agency licensing arrangement for cellular phone services. Discusses the "required payment" coverage element and the "minimum investment" exclusion from the Rule's disclosure obligation.
Applicability of the Franchise Rule to a turn-key dry cleaning franchise. Discusses "significant assistance" coverage element.
Adequacy of predecessor company's unaudited financial statements to comply with required disclosure of the financial statements of a newly formed franchisor, and to provide substantiation for earnings claims by the new franchisor.
Applicability of the Franchise Rule to a not-for-profit education program. Discusses the lack of a "continuing commercial relationship."
Applicability of the Franchise Rule to a home-care services sub-contracting arrangement. Discusses "significant control or assistance" and "required payment" coverage elements, and "fractional franchise" exemption.
Applicability of the Franchise Rule to computer software distributorship enabling health care providers to order medical and office supplies. Discusses applicability of the Rule to "distributorships" and the "significant control or assistance" coverage element.
Inapplicability of the Franchise Rule retroactively where the parties anticipated at the time of the purchase that the Rule would not apply because the only required payments were deferred until at least six months after the business opened. Concludes that the result does not change...
Apparent applicability of the Franchise Rule to a joint venture and license agreement. Discusses the ineffectiveness of transfers to affiliated companies of ownership of the mark and of franchisee waivers to avoid coverage or compliance obligations.
Apparent applicability of the Franchise Rule to mobile food and soft drink trucks identified by a common name. Discusses significant control and required payment elements.
Apparent applicability of the Franchise Rule to a commercial real estate affiliation program. Discusses in detail the likely availability of the fractional franchise exemption to the affiliation arrangement.
Apparent applicability of the Franchise Rule to a log cabin distributorship. Discusses the criteria for coverage of product franchises, including the required payment element, and the fractional franchise exemption.
Apparent inapplicablity of Franchise Rule to manufacturer's dealership program in which sole arguable payment to the manufacturer would occur, if at all, as a result of manufacturer's right to share in the proceeds of any sale of dealership assets.
Apparent inapplicability of Franchise Rule disclosure requirements to grant of additional franchises to existing franchisee where there are no material charges.
Apparent applicability of Franchise Rule to licensing to hospitals of a Travel Health Program, discussing whether the program's assistance is "significant" to the hospital's "entire method of operation."
Apparent applicability of Franchise Rule to distributorships for the sale of print advertising in regional or national publications.
Applicability of Rule's earnings claim dicosure requirements to general media claims made in news stories and elsewhere if copies are given to prospective franchesees by the franchisor.
Inappplicability of the Franchise Rule to possible co-branding relationship in which a licensor's system is to be sub-licensed by a third party franchisor to its franchesees, even though the license to the franchisor is covered by the Rule.
Discusses the circumstances under which, in providing earnings information to loan processing officials at lending institutions to assist prospective franchisees in obtaining loans, franchisors may not be obligated to provide earnings claim disclosures.