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The director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection notified Facebook and WhatsApp about their obligations to protect the privacy of their users in light of Facebook’s proposed acquisition of WhatsApp.
The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice today issued a policy statement on the sharing of cyber-security information that makes clear that properly designed cyber threat information sharing is not likely to raise antitrust concerns and can help secure the nation’s networks of...
That was the catchphrase from the “Poltergeist” movie series, but we want to warn you about something more dangerous than ghostly apparitions emanating from your TV.
When the talk turns to Big Data, part of the conversation is about all the public information available about people's lives – and how companies market it to prospective employers, landlords, etc.
Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order settling charges against Goldenshores Technologies, LLC, and its owner, Erik Geidl.
It was Shakespeare who asked “What’s in a name?”  If you and your clients keep tabs on the latest legal developments in social networking and reputation management, you’ll want to read the FTC’s complaint against the website Jerk.com – how’s that for a name?
Every tech publication seems to have a list of best apps for business.  Whether the goal is to analyze corporate cash flow or avoid the dreaded middle seat that doesn’t recline, there’s an app for the task.  But have you considered the kind of sensitive customer or employee...
In testimony before Congress today, the Federal Trade Commission provided an update on its efforts to protect consumers’ privacy in the face of growing data breaches and renewed its call for data security legislation.
Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez released the agency’s 2013 Annual Highlights today at the Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association’s Section of Antirust Law in Washington emphasizing the agency’s work to protect consumers and promote competition during the past calendar...
Imagine a burly doorman at an exclusive party.  When someone claims to be a guest, the doorman checks their invitation and runs it against the names on the list.  If it doesn’t match up, the person won’t make it through the velvet rope.  But what happens if the doorman isn’t doing...
Two companies have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they misrepresented the security of their mobile apps and failed to secure the transmission of millions of consumers’ sensitive personal information from their mobile apps.