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Federal Trade Commission Decisions, Volume 116 , Page 853
Federal Trade Commission Decisions, Volume 116 , Page 1179
Federal Trade Commission Decisions, Volume 116 , Page 841
A group of marketers who allegedly tricked consumers into buying phony health insurance are permanently banned from selling healthcare-related products under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.
At the FTC, we consider policy developments or proposed rule changes one rung at a time. An integral step in that process is the public comment period. If you have clients interested in two matters pending at the FTC, they have more time to put pen to paper.
Federal Trade Commission Decisions, Volume 115 , Page 339
A.       This company just settled a case with the FTC for Do Not Call violations and deceptive promises that its purported educational products would improve kids’ grades and standardized test scores.Q.       What is WordSmart?
At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court halted a telemarketing scheme that tricked senior citizens by pretending to be part of Medicare, and took millions of dollars from consumers’ bank accounts without their consent. As part of its ongoing work to protect every community from...
A box of light bulbs. A case of cleaner. Another box of light bulbs. Ordinary supplies that businesses and nonprofits of all sizes use every day. If these things arrive at your office doorstep, someone in your company or organization must have ordered them, right? And when the bill...
We can’t vouch for the accuracy of Shakira’s representation that “Hips Don’t Lie.” But the FTC says anti-cellulite and slimming claims for caffeine-embedded underwear sold by lingerie company Wacoal and catalog retailer Norm Thompson were deceptive. As for Norm Thompson's statement...
The companies have settled charges that slimming claims for their caffeine-infused products were false and not substantiated by scientific evidence.