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Did you get a survey from the FTC and State of California?

The FTC and State of California recently reached a settlement with Ygrene Energy Fund, a company that provides home improvement financing. The FTC and California alleged that Ygrene misled homeowners about whether financing would interfere with home sales and recorded liens without homeowners’ consent.

As a result of the settlement, some homeowners are getting surveys in the mail. The surveys were mailed on January 31, 2023, to people who have outstanding liens placed by Ygrene. The survey includes pre-printed information about the home improvement project that Ygrene financed. These surveys will help determine whether homeowners are eligible for their liens to be released or whether they may be eligible for other monetary relief. 

If you get a survey, please submit your responses by March 2, 2023.

You can respond by mail or online using the website included in the letter. The website also provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions, along with additional information about completing the survey. 

If you don’t complete the survey, you won’t be eligible for any benefits from the settlement.