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If you were tricked into entering personal information to find out if you were eligible for government assistance programs, you may be eligible for a payment. The FTC sued the company responsible for these websites and won a judgment. The court has authorized payments up to a total of $17 million dollars to consumers who were harmed.

The deadline to apply for a payment was October 18, 2022.

The defendants, On Point Global, ran more than 200 websites that claimed to check whether a person was eligible for government assistance programs like the Housing Choice Voucher program, Section 8 housing assistance, or food stamps. As part of the process, the websites asked people for information like their age, gender, income, and credit or debit card number.

But the On Point Global websites did nothing to determine a user’s eligibility for the government assistance programs. Instead, the defendants sent people a PDF with information about government programs, and they often sold users’ information to other companies.

The company managing the refund process is reviewing claims and will contact you if there is a problem with your claim. We don't have information about when payments will be made.