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The FTC mailed the latest round of refund checks for this matter in September 2020. If you receive a check, please cash it within 60 days.

Call to claim your LeanSpa Refund

The FTC and the State of Connecticut sued the marketers of LeanSpa products. According to the government's lawsuit, the LeanSpa defendants used phony online news articles and dishonest weight loss claims to sell LeanSpa products. The final court order required the defendants to pay money for refunds. The products covered by this settlement are:

  • LeanSpa
  • NutraSlim
  • LeanSpa with Acai
  • NutraSlim with HCA
  • LeanSpa with HCA
  • QuickDetox
  • LeanSpa Cleanse
  • SlimFuel

If you bought any of these products and didn't get a refund already, please call 1-866-621-4156 to request your refund.

For more information about how to spot phony weight-loss claims, visit