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FTC Sends Refunds to People Who Lost Money to a Fake Debt Collection Scheme

The FTC is sending payments totaling more than $1 million to 1,966 consumers who were harmed by a debt collection scheme that conned consumers into paying debts they didn't owe. The defendants used several names including GAFS Group, Global Mediation Group, and Mediation Services.

The FTC sued GAFS Group in February 2019 for falsely claiming to be attorneys or affiliated with attorneys and pressuring consumers into making payments on debts they didn't owe. The defendants threatened to take legal action against consumers if they didn't pay these phantom debts.

If you get a check, please cash it within 90 days.

If you get a PayPal payment, please accept it within 30 days.

If you get a claim form, please file your claim online or mail your completed form before September 18, 2022.

You can find answers to common questions about refund payments on our FAQ page. If you have any other questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-866-948-2713 .

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