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The FTC is now reviewing claims for this matter. The deadline to submit a claim was February 21, 2022. We are not accepting new claims at this time. We will post an update here when we have more information.  

What is the lawsuit about?

The FTC sued LendingClub, and the company agreed to settle. According to the FTC's lawsuit, LendingClub falsely promised loan applicants that they would receive a specific loan amount with “no hidden fees,” when in reality the company deducted hundreds or even thousands of dollars in hidden up-front fees from the loans.

How much will my refund be?

The amount of your refund will depend on how much you paid in hidden fees and the number of people who make claims.

You can find answers to common questions about refund payments on our FAQ page. If you have any other questions, please call 1-833-630-1417.