8505010 Informal Interpretation

7A(c)(1); see 802.2
Andrew Scanlon

This change will not will not [sic] change advice given earlier still exempt. Patrick. Called (redacted) 5-23-85



May 22, 1985

Mr. Andrew Scanlan [sic]
Premerger Notification Office
Bureau of Competition
Room 301, Federal Trade Commission
Washington, D.C. 20580

Re: (redacted)

Dear Mr. Scanlan:

I have recently sent to you a letter describing our telephone conversation of May 16, 1985, and your advice to us concerning the exemption for acquisitions of realty in the ordinary course of business, a copy of which is attached. My client, (redacted) has today brought to my attention that it is owned and controlled by another corporation and is not controlled by an individual as stated in that letter. While I believe this change to be irrelevant to the exemption and concepts we discussed, I wanted to bring it to your attention so that there would be no factual inaccuracy in our discussions.

Should you believe any change in your advice to us is necessary, please call me at your earliest convenience at (redacted).

Thank you for your help and consideration in this matter.

Very truly yours,




cc: (redacted)

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