Sage Auto Group Refunds

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FTC Refunds for Consumers Defrauded by Sage Auto Group

The FTC is mailing 43,456 checks totaling more than $3.5 million to consumers allegedly subjected to deceptive and unfair sales and financing tactics by the Sage Auto Group and its owners between 2014 and 2016.

The FTC charged the auto dealership with “yo-yo” financing tactics, pressuring consumers who have signed contracts into later accepting a different deal. The FTC also charged that the defendants packed extra, unauthorized charges for “add-ons,” or aftermarket products and services, into car deals financed by consumers.

If you got a check, please cash it within 60 days.

The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide account information to cash a refund check.

If you have more questions please call the refund administrator at 877-440-0629.