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NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System

If you purchased the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System in the Pittsburgh, PA area between October 1, 2012 and August 9, 2016, you may be eligible to receive a partial refund. The deadline to file a claim has passed. The FTC is currently reviewing and validating claims. 

According to the FTC, the marketers of the NutriMost weight-loss system made misleading claims that their "new technology" would allow users to lose substantial amounts of weight—typically 20 to 40 pounds or more in 40 days—safely, and without following a restrictive diet. The FTC also alleged that the defendants used misleading endorsements and prevented people who bought the system from posting negative comments or reviews.

If you have any questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-877-884-6069.

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July 16, 2018

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