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FTC Returns Money to Victims of Tech Support Scam

The FTC is sending refund checks and PayPal payments totaling more than $802,000 to 12,140 people who paid for unnecessary technical support services from Global Access Technical Support. The company also did business as Global S Connect, Global sMind, Yubdata Tech, and Technolive. The FTC alleged that Global Access Technical Support tricked people into paying for unnecessary computer repairs by pretending there was something wrong with their computers.

If you receive a check, you have 60 days to cash it.

If you receive a PayPal payment, you have 30 days to accept the payment. For more details about the payment process, please read our new FAQ and blog post.

If you would like to get your refund in a different payment method than the one you received, or if you have other questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-844-881-1379.

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