Elimidrol Refunds

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FTC Sends Refunds to People Who Bought Elimidrol

The FTC is mailing a second round of checks to people who bought Elimidrol, a product marketed by Sunrise Nutraceuticals, LLC, as an effective treatment for opiate addiction withdrawal. According to the FTC, the company made misleading claims that Elimidrol, a powdered drink mix consisting of herbs and other compounds, could alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms and increase a user’s likelihood of overcoming opiate addiction.

The first round of checks was mailed in September 2017. Because money still remains in the fund, the FTC is mailing an additional 3,190 checks totaling $59,811. This mailing brings the total amount refunded to people in this matter to more than $203,000.

If you get a check, please cash or deposit it within 60 days.

If you have questions about the case, contact the FTC’s refund administrator at 866-880-0103.

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