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In a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, two California-based companies and their principals, who allegedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars from consumers, are banned from marketing auto loan relief or any other type of debt relief to consumers.
The Federal Trade Commission today announced the results of the first empirical study of debt buyers – companies that are in the business of buying consumer debts and trying to collect on them. 
The Hobby Protection Act is something of a misnomer.  Most hobbies don’t need much by way of protection.  But if you or your clients are involved in the sale of coins or certain collectibles, it’s a law you need to know about.  The FTC’s settlement with the National Collector’s Mint...
At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida has temporarily shut down Innovative Wealth Builders, Inc.
The Federal Trade Commission has asked a federal court for permission to charge three persons and five companies they control with improperly receiving at least $22 million from a scheme that allegedly bilked consumers out of more than $275 million with deceptive “trial” memberships for bogus...
A sure way to see smoke coming out of consumers’ ears:  Put charges on their phone bills for services they never ordered and didn’t authorize.  In a lawsuit just filed against Montana-based American eVoice, Steven Sann, and others, that’s what the FTC says is going on.
The remaining defendants in the Federal Trade Commission’s case against Rumson, Bolling & Associates have agreed to a settlement that permanently bans them from the debt collection business.
As part of its continuing crackdown on scams that target consumers in financial distress, the Federal Trade Commission obtained a settlement order resolving charges against a nationwide scam operating from the Dominican Republic and banning the defendants from providing mortgage assistance relief...
At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has temporarily halted a debt relief operation that allegedly charged cash-strapped consumers hundreds of dollars based on the false claim that it could obtain rates as low as zero percent.
Here’s a first for you:  The FTC has released a series of ads created by its own staff and boy, are they bad.  No, we’re not channeling our inner Sterling Cooper Mad Men.  The goal is to help companies comply with their legal obligations by showing some of the questionable mortgage-...
Let’s cut to the chase, Girlfriend.  You’re one annoying you-know-what.  And according to multiple lawsuits filed by the FTC, those robocalls you’re placing are big-time illegal.
You’ve heard the truisms.  Never eat at a place called Mom’s.  Never play cards with a guy named Doc.  We’ve got another one for you:  Think twice before doing business with a company called Legitimate Debt Settlement.