FTC settlement returns $60 million to consumers affected by AT&T’s throttling practices

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Sometimes FTC cases affirm important legal principles in the courtroom. In other cases, we’re able to get money back for consumers injured by a company’s illegal conduct. The FTC’s action against AT&T for allegedly deceptive and unfair practices related to AT&T’s promises of “unlimited data” resulted in a key ruling last year about the FTC’s jurisdiction and will return $60 million to affected consumers.

In 2014 the FTC sued AT&T Mobility, LLC, for failing to adequately disclose to customers on unlimited data plans that if they used a certain amount of data in a billing cycle, AT&T would slow down or throttle their data speeds to the point that many everyday smartphone functions (for example, web browsing and video streaming) became nearly impossible. According to the complaint, despite its unequivocal promises of unlimited data, in 2011 AT&T began throttling data speeds for its “unlimited” customers who used a little as 2 gigabytes in a billing period.

In the course of that lawsuit, AT&T maintained that its status as a “common carrier” shielded it from the FTC’s action. Last year, a unanimous en banc decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected AT&T’s argument and held that “the FTC may regulate common carriers’ non-common-carriage activities.” It was an important legal precedent about how established consumer protection principles apply in the digital marketplace, and paved the way for the FTC to get money back for consumers impacted by AT&T’s throttling practices.

The just-announced settlement prohibits AT&T from making any claim about the speed or amount of its mobile data – including describing it as “unlimited” – unless it clearly discloses in close proximity to the claim any material restriction on the speed or amount of data. For example, let’s say AT&T says on its site that a certain plan is unlimited. But what if the company wants to slow things down after consumers reach a certain data cap? Under the terms of the proposed order, AT&T must disclose those restrictions clearly and conspicuously and in close proximity to the claim. The order details how that must be done. For example, if AT&T makes the claim on a webpage, any restrictions on the amount or speed of mobile data must be “proximate to the triggering representation.” Using a hyperlink, pop-up, or interstitial won’t suffice.

The $60 million paid by AT&T will be used to provide partial refunds to current and former customers who signed up for unlimited plans, but were throttled by AT&T. The refund process will be automatic and no applications will be accepted. Current AT&T customers will get a credit on their bill and former customers will get checks for their portion of the settlement.

The take-away tip for businesses extends well beyond the wireless marketplace. If you advertise a service without qualification as unlimited, consumers have a right to expect you to deliver on that promise.



How much per customer?

Is everyone getting the same amount refunded or does it depend ?

I received $33.07 for 2 lines. Looks right if the numbers are correct. 60M divided by roughly 3.5M.

It’s funny how they’ll give you credit over a check. All those credited money on your next bill goes right back into their pocket. Don’t be fool by this tactic n law suit. You’re not getting 30% of you next billing paid

Wow, a 12.86 credit on my bill! What a joke.

$12.86 is complete garbage... what a pathetic settlement. I have been subject to this throttling for years with my bill over $100 every month and yet I get throttled. I have never changed my plan since they changed their policy and the FTC thinks $12.86 is a fair settlement.

So very disheartened by the state of our government these days. Put a dime in my hand so you can declare I have been paid then brush the victims under the rug. I am ashamed of the FTC.

I received 12.86 and have 7 lines with them

Very disappointed that there was no details about the refund it just appears. No details about which months were throttled or how many even. And $12.68? I know I kept tract and contacted att at least 6-8 times over the first year they started doing this. Such a waste of time and energy. Should have sued in small claims court like that truck driver did.

AT&T’s AT&T THANKS app should be next. Has anyone EVER actually cashed in on any of those promotions? It never works for me, EVER. This is a start anyway.

AT&T notified me today that I would receive a credit on my next statement due to a settlement with the FTC. I asked them where could I read about the settlement, I was given the ftc.gov site instead of the link to the settlement. It should be required that AT&T provide direct and accurate information to customers about such settlements. I should not have to search for this information. In the future the FTC must make sure a bulk of the restitution goes to the actual harmed customer.

This is the crucial and asked and reasked question,
How is the refund figured per effected person/per year of service.

I have had this specific unlimited plan for over a decade and was throttled regularly over the years.

Going forward, after this settlement agreement, can AT&T continue the practice of throttling the service of current customers receiving the credit whom plan was impacted by their actions or will they be still in violation if found to be doing so?

The settlement prohibits AT&T from making any claim about the speed or amount of its mobile data, including describing it as “unlimited,” unless it clearly discloses any material restriction on the speed or amount of data.The disclosure has to be in close proximity to the claim.

So i basically got 13 dollars back after being cheated by them for years. it seems like the should have at least had to pay one full bill after taking my money for a service they didn't provide for that long.

I think $12 is very less compared to the # of years I've been a customer and the # of months they throttled or reduced speed for unlimited plan customers. I remember receiving those text messages from ATT says you have reached your max and speed will be reduced. That drove me crazy learning I was offered an unlimited plan in the first place.

Can you please tell me who to contact or how can I go on a site to get in on getting some money back on that 60 million that they're paying people I think my family deserves it as many high bills as we have paid in the years we've been using AT&T thank you

Thank you - they have been doing this for years!!
They forced me out of my grandfathered plan of unlimited services by not allowing me to have access to new services on the plan I had...

How much of a credit will current AT&T customers receive?

What, 10 bucks fo years of lies?

I recently received a text message stating I would receive a credit on my next months bill due to the settlement.. I recently checked my bill and the amount has changed.. I have been a loyal customer with AT& T for over 9 years. Even though the credit amount is rather low as others have stated & no where near the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent every little bit helps and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I can only hope you guys will be more fair in the future!

With all the people they’ve taken unlimited away From why is this throttling still an issue for us who are grandfathered in?

How sad that the government does this "for us" and without even a choice in the matter. What rank paternalism. I do not want this refund you have extorted in my name as I was not defrauded. It was obvious there would be throttling.

My son complained repeatedly to them about it and got nowhere at the tome! Thank you FTC!

I’m confused because they are still throttling our data speed! I just received a txt on 1/12/20 that there were going to reduce my speed...


I got a 12.86 credit from 2 lines...

How much will each customer get and when? Who oversees if ATT even does this??

I'll really enjoy my 1.35...

I’ve been a active unlimited user for 20 plus years 3 lines. I received a message today stating a credit will be getting issued next month. My question is for what time period and since this was going on do we have a option to break our contract with att?

The $60 million paid by AT&T as part of the settlement was deposited into a fund that the company used to provide partial refunds to current and former customers who had originally signed up for unlimited plans prior to 2011, but were throttled by AT&T.

I have moved since I was an AT&T customer and no longer have mail forwarding. Have the checks gone out to former customers like me yet?

What about pre paid customers.

$12? Whoopee! Considering how frustrating the data slow was and how they denied to be doing it when I contacted them, I would expect more. How was this amount decided and how does the FTC know they are adhering to the verdict?

I am concerned of the degree of difficulty finding how much an app cost when loading on to our cell phones. customers have to dig around to find out if it cost money or if it is a monthly charge. please look into this. at this point i have to look at my phone subscriptios screen for myself and all my children to see if I am being charged

Cannot even tell you how long I have been an ATT customer. Just received my check today 12.06...funny former ATT customers receive a check, current ones receive a credit on their bill along with a text message. I am still a customer... WTH. ATT still up to shenanigans!

Refund for $12.09. At&t 2018 income $170.8 billion, 2017 $160 billion. about .att. com/ story / 2019/ att_ fourth_ quarter_ earnings_ 2018. html. who is fighting on our behalf ??? what is this settlement 60 million for many years of stolen money by a company that made billions every year??? How to fix this injustice!!! I am not going to check this ridiculous check.

I want to know about this suit. At&t don't honor there contractI never have data my bill is 700 right now I paid 900 2 months ago .I have everything with them TV,internet and cell phones this ridiculous and it needs to stop

Definitely had decrease speed with increased use of data

I just got a prepaid debit card for $146.24, gonna try and use it tomorrow and see if it works.

Did it work? I just received one Saturday for $309.63 and thought it was a scam. I had no clue about the settlement until I just googled it.

I have had At&t for over 20 years. I had the unlimited data, yet no one can tell me when and how much my refund is. How do I find out? Some friends have already got theirs..

I had AT&T, however, no one has contacted me regarding a refund. I got so fed up with them that I changed to a different company that they later acquired and ended up having the same slowing problem. Once AT&T takes over in a monopoly type acquisition, regardless of what they call it, the same thing will happen time and time again!!!

is there any update about this settlement ? i am a former customer who was scammed for many years and many dollars is there a list to sign up to be included for repayment?

Go to "www .attmsettlement. com", just received my disappointingly small settlement check.


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