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British blues rockers Ten Year After had a hit back in the day with “Hear Me Calling.” We doubt they were thinking of the FTC’s ten-year regulatory review schedule – OK, they weren’t – but it’s likely at least one of the four rules up for review this year affects your business. Can you hear us calling and are you ready to weigh in?

To make sure rules and guides stay relevant, the FTC reviews them at least every ten years. We ask for input from businesses, consumers, academics, etc., about whether they’re still working or if modifications may be necessary.

Here are the rules we plan to review this year:

  • Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information, 16 C.F.R. Part 314 – Companies covered by the Safeguards Rule must have an information security program in place appropriate to their size, the nature and scope of their activities, and the sensitivity of the data they have.
  • CAN-SPAM Rule, 16 C.F.R. Part 316 – The CAN-SPAM Rule establishes requirements for commercial email and gives recipients the right to unsubscribe.
  • Labeling and Advertising of Home Insulation, 16 C.F.R. Part 460 – Insulation manufacturers, home builders, and consumers concerned about energy costs are just some of the folks with an interest in the R-value Rule.
  • Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records, 16 C.F.R. Part 682 – Credit reports are a treasure trove of sensitive information. Under the Disposal Rule, anyone who has credit reports (or information derived from those reports) for business purposes must take reasonable steps to dispose of them securely.

The Federal Register Notice has more information about the review process.



I have attempted to unsubscribe from several corporations adware, Disney and Walmart, and temporary employment agencies, Globus Medical and People Share and Aerotek. It took several attempts to stop the daily emails and I still get the occasional email despite my repeated unsubscriptions and emails. I don't know if the problem is with a contractor or third party, but any assistance would be appreciated.

Please unsubscribe my email account. Thank you

Are you trying to unsubscribe from emails sent by the FTC?  We have an UNSUBSCRIBE link on every email we send.  Just follow that link and we'll remove your email address from the list.  


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