Send Us Your Moment

We want to hear about your most significant FTC moment so we can share it on Whether you tell us about your experience with the FTC, how you used our practical consumer and business information, or how you felt when you got a refund from our redress administrator, we want to hear your story.

Record your video or audio clip using a computer, camera, tablet, or phone - 60 seconds or less - and send it to us. Before you submit your story, please review:

Then, use one of these ways to send us your story:

If you have questions, contact us at

Sending Video via YouTube

Send an email to with your YouTube link and your name.

YouTube Tips:

  • Use the share feature on YouTube to send an email or grab your video link. On your computer, YouTube's "Share" section is below the video.  On your mobile device, you may see a share icon like this:
  • If you don't want the video to appear publicly in your video lists or via search, select the “Unlisted” option in the Privacy settings.

The FTC does not endorse YouTube and exercises no control over YouTube or its privacy policy.

Sending Audio or Video via Web Upload

  1. Send an email to telling us that you have an FTC moment you want to share with us.
  2. You will receive an email back from with a link to click on. It will look like this:

  3. Click the link from your desktop or laptop computer. Then click the button that says “Choose File/Folder” to locate your file and upload it to the site.
  4. Please provide your name in the message of the email so we can use it on the website.  If you're submitting audio, please include your photo if you're willing for us to publish it with your story.

You have 4 days to upload the video after requesting the link. If you aren’t able to upload your story in that time, send us another email and we’ll send you another link.

Emailing a Written Story

Send an email to with your name and written story - 250 words or less. Please include your photo if you're willing for us to publish it with your story.


  • Aim for 60 seconds or less.
  • These stories are going to be posted publicly on our website so don’t include sensitive personal information like your Social Security number, financial, health, or contact information.


  • Find a quiet spot and make sure you have plenty of light in front of you, not behind. 
  • If you’re using a smart phone, hold it horizontally.
  • Shoot your video at eye level or slightly above eye level.
  • Use the highest quality version when uploading it to YouTube.


  • iPhone: Use the recording feature on the phone called "Voice Memos" in your utilities.
    • After you launch the app, you'll see a red button to start recording. When you're satisfied, click "done."
    • Enter a name for your new voice memo and press OK.
    • Click on the recording and hit the send icon on the bottom left to email the recording to yourself.
    • Now go to a computer, download the audio file to your computer, and then follow the instructions to send video or audio via web upload.
  • Android: Many free voice recording apps are available for recording and sharing via email. Be sure to email the file to yourself first and then follow the instructions on how to send video or audio via web upload.

Guidelines for Submission & Use

By sending us your story (YouTube link, video file, audio file, or written story) and photo, you're giving us permission to share your submission with the public on our website and elsewhere. 

We reserve the right NOT to post submissions. We will not post – and will delete – submissions that have inappropriate content, like:

  • vulgar language, personal attacks or offensive terms that target specific groups
  • advertising, sales pitches or promotions
  • clearly misleading or false information
  • personal information, like financial, health or contact information
  • anyone who hasn’t agreed to be in your video
  • copyrighted music

If we need to edit your submission for clarity or length, we will contact you directly.

Privacy Act Statement

The FTC Act and other laws we administer permit the collection of your FTC story and contact information in this proceeding as appropriate.  Subject to the guidelines described above, we may post your story on our website or share it with the public in other FTC publications or in other ways.  For additional information, including routine uses permitted by the Privacy Act, see the Commission’s comprehensive Privacy Policy