List of FOIA Staff

Frank ConlonAttorney202-326-2930
Richard GoldFOIA Liaison202-326-3355
Jonathan HillAttorney202-326-2684
Kamay LafalaiseAttorney202-326-3780
Jacqueline LightleGovernment Information Specialist202-326-3737
Sarah MackeyAssociate General Counsel for Project Management202-326-3254
Dione StearnsAssistant General Counsel for Information & Legal Support202-326-2735
William TaylorGovernment Information Specialist202-326-3258
Brian WelkeAttorney202-326-2897


Mailing Address:

Freedom of Information Act Office
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, H-585
Washington DC 20580

Fax Number:    (202) 326-2477