Meet Sarah Mackey

Associate General Counsel for Project Management, Office of the General Counsel

Sarah Mackey
I appreciated the opportunity to help the public.

My career at the FTC since leaving a large law firm has been quite rewarding. As part of the Office of General Counsel, I have worked on hearings about competition and healthcare. For these hearings, we conducted an enormous amount of research, carefully determined the specific topics to raise, and decided how to structure the hearings to ensure that differing opinions would be heard. Afterwards, we wrote an extensive report. I appreciated the opportunity to help the public through our suggestions.

I’ve worked with amazing colleagues on a variety of policy reports, including one on supply and demand’s effect on gas prices. After working in policy, I was extremely fortunate to serve as an attorney advisor to a Commissioner. From that position, I was asked to serve for a time as Chief of Staff for the FTC. I have since returned to the Office of General Counsel. From the vantage point of these different positions, it has been wonderful to see the pride that everyone across the entire agency takes in their work. Transitioning between a variety of positions gave me a chance to grow and develop my skills in a way that I could not have done anywhere but at the FTC.