Meet Rob Warren

Human Resources Assistant, Human Capital Management Office

They take your professional development very seriously.
The FTC is a place where you have the chance to work in different areas and take on new challenges and opportunities. The FTC is also a place where they take your professional development very seriously. The Executive Director’s Office has a mentoring program that afforded me the opportunity to develop practical administrative and networking skills, and the chance to interact with leaders from different agency Offices and Bureaus.
My participation in the mentoring program was a major factor in my being given the opportunity to move into my current position as a Human Resources Assistant in the Human Capital Management Office, where among other things, I work on staffing and new employee orientation. This new job is challenging and fun. I enjoy my colleagues, and I love getting to be one of the first people new employees interact with. I get to share with them my admiration of the FTC’s core mission—protecting America’s consumers. I’m proud to be part of a small agency that has a large impact on consumers’ daily lives.