Meet Michele Arington

Assistant General Counsel Litigation, Office of the General Counsel

Michele Arington
Many people care deeply about our cases’ outcomes.

I appreciate that the good work I do at the FTC is recognized. I handle appellate litigation, and when we win a case—or when I file a challenging brief—colleagues throughout the agency are generous with their congratulations. When you have worked so hard to develop your arguments and to carefully present your best case to a court, it is gratifying to know that others are paying attention and appreciative.

In addition to hearing from my colleagues, I often receive congratulations from former FTC officials, lawyers at other government agencies and even people I used to work with in the private sector. They reach out after seeing the court’s decision and reading the FTC’s brief to acknowledge when we have done a great job. I am impressed by how many people outside the agency follow my antitrust and consumer protection cases. Of course, the FTC’s mission in all these cases is to promote consumer welfare, and many people care deeply about our cases’ outcomes.