Meet Kathy French

Assistant Director, Division of Planning and Information, Bureau of Consumer Protection

Kathy French
The FTC is truly a great place to work and grow!

Here at the FTC, there are many opportunities to advance your career, even if you are not an attorney or an economist. It takes creative thinking and a wide variety of skills—including non-legal ones—to carry out the FTC’s critical mission of protecting consumers. If you have a passion for what we do and a strong work ethic, you can move through the ranks of the agency as a non-attorney, just as I have.

I oversee and manage staff and programs in the FTC’s Consumer Response Center, the National Do Not Call Registry, the Sentinel Network and other programs that support the agency’s enforcement, litigation, and policy initiatives. When I was originally hired at the FTC, I was happy to have a new job. Now I celebrate having a wonderful career, where I am still learning from colleagues who have become dear friends and mentors for life. The FTC is truly a great place to work and grow!