Meet Jim Taronji

Attorney, Office of the General Counsel

Jim Taronji
I’ve had a passion for improving diversity in the legal profession.

The FTC is a great place for attorneys who want to do challenging and rewarding work in a collegial environment. That was true for me as a young lawyer when I first joined the FTC, and it is equally true for me today as a seasoned professional.

I started my legal career in the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, where from the outset I was given significant responsibilities that provided me with invaluable experience. I remember one of my first merger cases, where I sat across the table from senior partners at the most prestigious law firms negotiating requests for information. I eventually left the agency for the private sector, joining a large U.S. conglomerate, going on to become the General Counsel of a company registered on the New York Stock Exchange, and then joining a major law firm. And when an opportunity came up to return to the FTC in the Office of the General Counsel, I jumped at it.

Throughout my career, I’ve had a passion for improving diversity in the legal profession; my cultural background has enhanced my work experiences. I was on the Diversity Committee of a major law firm and brought that interest to the FTC, where I helped organize an agency-wide Diversity Council. My Spanish-language skills have been helpful in FTC investigations; I even taught a course in Spanish to Latin American competition authorities. It’s no wonder why the FTC ranks so high on the list of “best places to work” in the federal government.