Meet Darrick Latimer

Information & Technology Specialist, Office of the General Counsel

The culture here is phenomenal.
I’m an IT professional, and I came to the FTC in the summer of 2010. Before my arrival, I spent about 12 years at various law firms providing tech support to litigation matters, with a focus on E-Discovery concerns. While working in the private sector, I assumed that federal agencies were years behind major law firms as far as the use of current technology. I was wrong. In fact, the FTC uses some of the latest technology available and processes data in the same manner as our private sector counterparts.
Working for the FTC brings me a sense of pride. The tech support I provide to my colleagues directly enables the FTC to protect consumers. I know the tasks I perform each day matter and I can look my children in the eye and be proud of the work that I’ve accomplished.
The culture here is phenomenal. My boss welcomes my feedback, my opinion really matters, and I know that I’m an important member of the team.