Meet Cynthia Davis

Assistant Director for Employee and Labor Relations, Human Capital Management Office

I know that my voice is heard.
After working in a larger agency, I found the FTC a welcome change. Here, I know that my voice is heard, and people know me by name. Working in Employee and Labor Relations, I help supervisors address a variety of challenges so that they can focus on the FTC’s mission. In addition to the opportunities that I have had to grow professionally during my career here, I have also had the chance to see the impact and affect this agency has on the American people.
I have developed key relationships throughout the FTC as I’ve collaborated with the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. The supervisors and managers at the FTC respect my knowledge, and the caliber of professionals inspires me to strive to become more knowledgeable.
The Partnership for Public Service has repeatedly listed the FTC as one of the top ten mid-sized agencies to work for in the federal government, and it is easy for me to see why.