Meet Alexis Gilman

Assistant Director, Mergers IV Division, Bureau of Competition

Alexis Gilman
We protected thousands of consumers from anticompetitive harm.

I came to the FTC after practicing in a law firm. I joined the division that investigates mergers and acquisitions in a variety of industries. In just my first eight months at the FTC, I was doing work that I had not had the opportunity to do in eight years at a firm, including taking depositions and writing briefs. One case I worked on early in my FTC career became the first time the government had obtained a preliminary injunction in a hospital merger case in more than a decade. After an administrative trial, which included nearly 200 hours of live testimony and included thousands of exhibits, the Administrative Law Judge ruled that the acquisition was illegal and ordered divestiture.

Although I probably worked more in my first 18 months at the FTC than I did at any time over the same period at a law firm, it was all worth it when we won the case. I had an incredible feeling of fulfillment and pride then because we had protected thousands of consumers from anticompetitive harm, and I love working toward that goal every day.