Records and Filings Office

Jeffrey Nakrin, Director

The Records and Filings Office (RFO) is responsible for processing legal documents and for records disposition. RFO’s activities include:

  • serving all official documents, and receiving and processing most filings before the Commission and Administrative Law Judges.
  • processing paper and electronic comments in all FTC rulemaking proceedings and other matters which solicit comments, as part of the RFO’s filings work.
  • supporting the FTC’s law enforcement efforts by serving as program manager for agency-wide electronic systems for storing and accessing agency documents and for tracking and managing agency matters.
  • forwarding to the Federal Register notices for agency actions, and publishing volumes of FTC Decisions.
  • formatting and posting to the Formal Actions portion of the agency’s web site all adjudicative filings under Part 3 of the Rules of Practice and all comments, as well as formatting most federal court filings and orders for web posting.
  • maintaining the official public record in all FTC matters.
  • developing and implementing records management policies and training throughout the agency.
  • storing and retrieving FTC official records both on- and off-site, and managing the FTC’s agency-wide stenographic court reporting contract.