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Bureau of Competition Entry-Level Attorney Program

What does the Bureau of Competition look for in an applicant?

The Bureau seeks talented students in their final year of law school and judicial clerks with a strong background in economics, business, or antitrust who are interested in public service. We seek applicants from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, writing skills, leadership, professionalism, and involvement in their law schools and communities. Most of our successful applicants have taken an antitrust course during law school.

How competitive is the Entry-Level Attorney Program?

The selection process is highly competitive: many of these positions are filled through offers made to law students from the Bureau’s Summer Program. Each year we receive over 700 résumés for the remaining openings.

I graduated from law school two years ago. Can I apply to the Entry-Level Attorney Program?

No, the Bureau of Competition’s Entry-Level Attorney Program is limited to students in their final year of law school or judicial clerks from accredited law schools. Other candidates who are admitted to the bar should check for other openings.

Are entry-level attorneys assigned to a specific division?

Yes, you will be assigned to one division within the Bureau. Assignments are made during the summer and are based upon managers’ preferences, candidate preferences and qualifications, and workload requirements. More information about the work of each of our divisions can be found in the Bureau of Competition User’s Guide.

What types of assignments do entry-level attorneys receive?

The type of work given to entry-level attorneys may include drafting pleadings, discovery requests and responses, appearing in court hearings and depositions with Bureau of Competition attorneys, attending meetings with business executives and their outside counsel, reviewing documents, and researching a wide range of legal issues.

What kind of training will I receive?

We provide entry-level attorneys with a comprehensive orientation to the Agency, Bureau, and the work of each of our divisions when you arrive in the fall. We also organize brown bag sessions throughout the year for you to develop skills needed to become a successful attorney. All new attorneys will attend a series of training sessions required during the first three years with the Bureau. In addition, each new attorney is matched with a mentor from within his/her division for their first year, and can participate in the Bureau’s formal mentoring program.

When are callback and offer decisions made?

Offers will be made on a rolling basis, so early applications are encouraged via Symplicity or, if you do not have access to a Symplicity job posting, via

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