Janis Pappalardo

Janis K. Pappalardo

Assistant Director
Consumer Protection
(202) 326-3380
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Selected Publications

  • "Are Unintended Effects of Marketing Regulations Unexpected?” Included in Commentaries and Reply to “Unintended Nutrition Consequences: Firm Responses to the NLEA.," Marketing Science, 2012.
  • "Product Literacy and the Economics of Consumer Protection Policy," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2012.
  • "Economics at the FTC: Mergers, Dominant-Firm Conduct, and Consumer Behavior," with J. Farrell and H. Shelanski, Review of Industrial Organization, 2010.
  • "The Failure and Promise of Mandated Consumer Mortgage Disclosures: Evidence from Qualitative Interviews and a Controlled Experiment with Mortgage Borrowers," with J. Lacko, American Economic Review, 2010.
  • "Economics Research at the FTC: Information, Retrospectives, and Retailing," with L. Froeb and D. Hosken, Review of Industrial Organization, 2004.
  • "Regulating Commercial Speech in a Dynamic Environment: Forty Years of Margarine and Oil Advertising Before the NLEA," with D. Ringold, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 2000.
  • "The Role of Consumer Research and Consumer Advocacy in Defining and Promoting the Consumer Interest," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 1999.
  • "The Role of Consumer Research in Evaluating Deception: An Economist’s Perspective," Antitrust Law Journal, 1997.
  • "Public Policy Issues in Health Claims for Foods," with J. Calfee, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 1991.
  • "Research Needs of the FTC in the 1990s: Voice of a Lone FTC Staff Economist," In Marketing and Advertising Regulation: The Federal Trade Commission in the 1990s. Patrick P. Murphy and W. Wilkie, eds., Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1990.
  • "Improving Consumer Mortgage Disclosures: An Empirical Assessment of Current and Prototype Disclosure Forms," with J. Lacko, 2007.
  • "Consumer Perceptions of Heart-Health Claims for Cooking Oils and Vegetable Oil Spreads," with R. Murphy and P. Ippolito, 2007.
  • "The Effect of Mortgage Broker Compensation Disclosures on Consumers and Competition: A Controlled Experiment," with J. Lacko, 2004.
  • "Advertising Nutrition & Health: Evidence from Food Advertising," with P. Ippolito, 2002.
  • "How Should Health Claims for Foods be Regulated? An Economic Perspective," with J. Calfee, 1989.

Selected Presentations

  • "Past Failures and Potential Success of Mandated Mortgage Disclosures: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment and Qualitative Interviews with Real Consumers," American Economic Association Session, Allied Social Sciences Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 2010.
  • "Promise and Pitfalls of Consumer Protection Regulation in Financial Markets," Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH, 2009.
  • "Consumer Information and the Mortgage Market: An Economic Assessment of Information Regulation, Mortgage Choice, and Mortgage Outcomes," Bank of England, London, England, 2008.


Cornell University
PhD Consumer Economics
Cornell University
MS Consumer Economics
The Catholic University of America
BA Economics

Fields of Interest

  • Household Behavior
  • Law and Economics
  • Economics of Information

Professional Experience

Assistant Director for Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission

Economic Advisor to Commisioner Dennis A. Yao
Federal Trade Commission

Cornell University