Submitting the Production

Submitting Your Documents

Once you've prepared documents according to this guide, follow these instructions to submit them to the Bureau of Competition.


Encryption of productions using NIST FIPS-Compliant cryptographic hardware or software modules is strongly encouraged.

For larger productions, we encourage you to use encrypted hardware instead of software modules.

Passwords should always be emailed to the FTC contact. Additionally, please also include information on the method of encryption.

Media We Accept

Submit any of the following:

  • For Productions under 10 gigabytes:
    • CD-R CD-ROM optical disks formatted to ISO 9660 specifications
    • DVD-ROM optical disks for Windows-compatible personal computers
    • USB 2.0 flash drives
  • For Productions over 10 gigabytes
    • IDE, EIDE and SATA hard disk drives, formatted in Windows-compatible, uncompressed data in a USB 2.0
    • external enclosure
    • USB 2.0 flash drives


  • For Productions under 50 gigabytes
    • FTC's Accellion Secure File Transfer
    • Non-FTC secure file transfer method may be accepted if coordinated with FTC Contact.

Submit a Production Transmittal Letter

For any format, accompany the submission with a letter that includes all of the following:

  1. volume name,
  2. Bates ranges and custodians,
  3. total number of records,
  4. total number of images or files,
  5. list of fields in the order in which they are listed in the data files,
  6. date and time format, and
  7. confirmation that the number of files on the volume match the load files.

What About Hosted Productions?

The Bureau of Competition accepts hosted productions IF:

  1. you demonstrate for Bureau staff the review tool, which must include (at a minimum) all of the following:
    • full Boolean or similar searching of both text and fielded data, separately and combined,
    • ability to add custom coding fields,
    • printing of documents with document ID number or Bates number on native files,
    • training and technical support,
    • local batch printing,
    • ability to download native documents, and
    • customizable user permissions.
  2. we can establish access to the demo database to rule out network security issues (due to stringent network security policies at the FTC, we cannot guarantee we'll be able to access the system), and
  3. the Bureau of Competition staff person identified in the formal request confirms in writing the production requirements.